Over 1,000 vehicles lose business badges for speed violations

April 09, 2024 - 11:23
Vehicles with five or more speed violations in one month will have their badges revoked according to regulations on business and conditions for transport business by car.
Vehicles violating speed limit will be punished more strictly. — Photo nguoiduatin.vn

HÀ NỘI — More than 1,100 business vehicle permits were revoked in December 2023 by the Hà Nội Transport Department due to speed violations.

These violations were detected through data extracted from the trip monitoring devices by the Department for Road of Việt Nam (DRVN), utilising its data processing and exploitation system.

As per regulations on business and conditions for transport operations by car, vehicles with five or more speed violations in a single month face badge revocation.

Significantly, numerous vehicles operated by transport businesses exceeded speed limits hundreds or even thousands of times in December 2023. Notable instances include the tractor belonging to Bông Sen Trading and Service Co-operative, which violated speed limits 1,063 times within one month. Additionally, four vehicles associated with Trường Hải Transport Service Cooperative, Inter Bus Line, and Đại Nam Transport Service Co-operative each breached speed limits 800 times or more within the same timeframe.

Transportation companies are prohibited from utilising the vehicles involved in violations for any transportation business activities during the period of sanction.

Furthermore, these businesses are required to conduct a thorough review and rectification of their traffic safety monitoring activities and must ensure strict compliance with traffic safety regulations among their drivers.

As reported by the Hà Nội Transport Department, an average of 700-800 transport business vehicles have their permits revoked each month due to speed violations.

However, the department noted that following the conclusion of the penalties, many vehicles persisted in committing the same violations once more.

To enforce the law rigorously, the department has recently dispatched a document to the Việt Nam Register, DRVN, transport departments, and Traffic Police across all provinces and cities, urging coordinated efforts in addressing administrative violations within the realm of road traffic. Of particular emphasis, the Việt Nam Register has been requested to direct registration centres to refrain from inspecting vehicles whose owners have not yet fully complied with administrative sanctions.

Furthermore, owners of vehicles involved in violations will be denied renewal of their driving licenses if they have been sanctioned. VNS