E-commerce development and international economic integration in Bắc Giang

November 16, 2023 - 14:54
The province aims to have 100 per cent of its modern supermarkets, commercial centers, and distribution facilities, including those providing electricity, water, telecommunications, and communication services, utilize flexible electronic payment methods.


Bắc Giang officials opening the e-Government Portal. Photo courtesy of Bắc Giang People's Committee.

BẮC GIANG - Bắc Giang Province, under the leadership of Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Phan Thế Tuấn, is set to further promote e-commerce and international economic integration by 2025.

The province aims to have 100 per cent of its modern supermarkets, commercial centres, and distribution facilities, including those providing electricity, water, telecommunications, and communication services, utilise flexible electronic payment methods. The focus is on enhancing and maintaining the province's e-commerce index, covering aspects such as workforce, information technology infrastructure, business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and government-to-business (G2B) interactions.

Online shopping is becoming a prevalent method for consumers through electronic platforms. Approximately 60 per cent of businesses are expected to participate in the province's e-commerce trading floor and other e-commerce service platforms. Moreover, 50 per cent of businesses are encouraged to establish their websites for brand promotion and product advertising.

Over the next few years, Bắc Giang plans to enhance its management capabilities in e-commerce, combat fraudulent trade practices, intellectual property infringement, and unhealthy competition. The province will also bolster the infrastructure and support services for e-commerce, promote the use of e-commerce to support key export industries, expand domestic consumption, and apply new technologies to facilitate businesses' digital transformation.

The local government shows interest in organising annual e-commerce events on Online Friday, approved by the government, to provide practical benefits to consumers participating in online shopping. Bắc Giang aims to build a strong, sustainable connection within the business community, from manufacturers and distributors to infrastructure service providers for e-commerce.

Furthermore, the province supports businesses in implementing secure payment solutions for e-commerce transactions, develops and enforces policies to increase the share of domestic goods in the online environment, and establishes authentication and evaluation systems for business and consumer trust in e-commerce, involving various stakeholders such as government agencies, media units, associations, businesses, and consumer protection organisations.

Phan Thế Tuấn, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, emphasised that from now until 2025, Bắc Giang will continue to implement the effective Directive No. 26/CT-TTg, issued on September 4, 2018, by the Prime Minister, to enhance international economic integration. The province will align with the development orientation and socio-economic development plan of the province, actively support businesses in the integration process, protect resources, the environment, ensure social well-being, and promote foreign affairs, investment attraction, and trade facilitation.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade of Bắc Giang, from 2020 to date, the province has systematically implemented e-commerce activities. Training, initiating virtual stores, and providing online business skills guidance to enterprises, cooperatives, production units, and farmers, especially in the consumption of agricultural products, have been prioritised. As a result, products from Bắc Giang are now available on major global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.com, Alibaba.com, as well as domestic platforms like Postmart.vn, Voso.vn, Sendo.vn, Shopee.vn, Lazada.vn, and Tiki.vn.

The province has supported 15 enterprises and cooperatives in building online brand identities and designing storefronts to showcase products on various e-commerce platforms, including Sendo, Voso, San24h, and Alibaba.com.

Regarding international economic integration, the Department of Industry and Trade in Bắc Giang has collaborated with media agencies and used information channels at embassies and commercial attaches of Vietnam in other countries to propagate and introduce the potential and strengths of Bắc Giang to domestic and international markets. The department actively coordinates with Vietnam's representative offices abroad and relevant agencies to support the province's businesses in expanding export markets, promoting trade, tourism, and attracting investment.

In conclusion, the province is not only fostering the growth of e-commerce but also actively participating in global trade through various channels, bringing benefits to both local businesses and consumers. VNS