Vietnamese health ministry, UNICEF, WHO launch campaign on COVID prevention

March, 08/2022 - 08:14
The Ministry of Health (MoH), UNICEF and WHO have launched the ‘Safe Journeys’ campaign, aiming at redoubling and reinforcing the importance of complying with COVID-19 preventive practices, including vaccination.


A student receives a COVID-19 vaccine in Hà Nội. —  Photo

HÀ NỘI — The Ministry of Health (MoH), UNICEF and WHO have launched the ‘Safe Journeys’ campaign, aiming at redoubling and reinforcing the importance of complying with COVID-19 preventive practices, including vaccination.

The campaign calls on all people across the country to maintain key preventive practices – the 5K practices and strongly encourages ongoing COVID-19 vaccination.  

The campaign, running over the next six months, will contribute to Việt Nam's plan of "Safe adaptation, flexible and effective control of the pandemic.”

“Việt Nam has successfully implemented its vaccine strategy through the largest vaccination campaign ever, becoming one of the six countries which achieved the highest COVID-19 vaccination coverage rates in the world,” said Đỗ Xuân Tuyên, deputy minister of Health.

From March 8, 2021, to March 6, 2022, Việt Nam has received more than 219 million doses of vaccine and has administered more than 197.5 million doses.

100 per cent of the population over 18 has received the first dose, 98.7 per cent the second dose, and 38.4 per cent the third.

The rate of children aged 12-17 years who received the first dose is 99 per cent, and the second dose is 93.8 per cent.

“Việt Nam is planning to vaccinate children aged 5 to 11 years old and has plans to deploy the fourth dose of vaccine," said Tuyên.

"However, since the pandemic remains unpredictable, the Ministry of Health urges every Vietnamese person to join hands in the prevention and control of COVID-19 by getting fully vaccinated as recommended by the health sector and maintaining 5K preventive practices, especially hand sanitizing, wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings."

Key messages of the campaign will be amplified through TV and radio talk shows, newspaper articles and social media activations. Ensuring information is as accessible as possible, the information will also be translated into the main ethnic languages and sign language.

Media, communities and several influencers who reach more vulnerable populations, such as Miss Universe Viet Nam 2017 H’Hen Niê, are supporting the information campaign.  Other influencers who are raising their voice in support include Chảo Thị Yến, Khang A Tủa, and MC Lê Hương Giang.

The Australian Government supports the campaign as part of its assistance to the COVID-19 prevention in Việt Nam, which is provided through UNICEF and includes vaccine rollout, support to vulnerable communities, communication outreach and cold chain reinforcement.

TikTok Việt Nam will offer crucial support by spreading the campaign across its channels. In addition, Facebook fan pages of UNICEF, MOH, WHO will support the dissemination of the campaign to more than a million combined followers.

“Our current spike in COVID-19 cases tells us that the pandemic is not yet over. We need to continue adhering to the preventive measures, including ensuring all are completely vaccinated against COVID-19," said Dr Kidong Park, WHO Representative in Việt Nam.

Through the ‘Safe Journeys’ campaign, we continue providing accurate and reliable information to maintain this journey of saving lives, preventing hospitalizations and staying healthy while the pandemic ensues."

Rana Flowers, UNICEF Representative in Việt Nam, said: “UNICEF, along with our partners in the Ministry of Health and WHO, recognizes that vaccination combined with preventative practices has proven successful in dramatically reducing the death toll, as well as the number of severe cases."

"The ‘Safe Journeys’ campaign will extend important information to every corner of Việt Nam, particularly to the more vulnerable populations, building confidence in the safety for all ages of the COVID-19 vaccines.

“Our goal is to ensure that no one is missed in these efforts, including children aged 5 and above. UNICEF, strongly supported by the Australian Government, will continue to work hand in hand with the MOH to make this happen.”

Two years of COVID-19 pandemic have created unprecedented challenges, proving devastating for the economy and society worldwide.

As of March 7, 2022, a total of 4,582,058 people have been infected, placing Việt Nam at 21st out of 225 countries and territories in the number of cases worldwide, and 137th of 225 countries and territories number of cases per million people.

The MoH reports that 40,891 people have died of the virus. — VNS