Young doctor on the frontline against COVID-19

February 26, 2022 - 08:10

Dr Lê Kim Bình will never forgot the day he moved to the Field Hospital for COVID-19 patients in southern Bến Tre Province.


Dr Lê Kim Bình, head of the Field Hospital No1 for COVID-19 patients in southern Bến Tre Province, checks the medical records of COVID-19 patients. — VNA/VNS Photos Chương Đài

HÀ NỘI — Dr Lê Kim Bình will never forgot the day he moved to the Field Hospital for COVID-19 patients in southern Bến Tre Province.

On a hot summer’s day in July 2021, the 37-year-old was informed that he would be among the first health staff to work at the newly-established hospital in Hữu Định Commune in Châu Thành District.

The pandemic was complicated, with increasing new infections every day. Bình, working at the Bến Tre, Province’s Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, quickly packed his things and moved to the province's first field hospital for COVID.

Being assigned head of the mild and moderate F0 treatment area, he was a whirlwind of energy and spared no time deploying health staff, arranging treatment rooms, transporting medical equipment, purchasing anti-pandemic drugs, and everything needed for treatment.

“In the first two weeks, everything got all twisted up. My responsibility was to get the situation on track,” he said.

As a hospital manager and a doctor, in the next 42 days, Bình made the hospital his home, taking care and treating COVID-19 patients and arranging work at the hospital to serve patients, including carrying clean water for them.

In the next few weeks, when the pandemic severely hit the province, the patients became crowded while there was a severe shortage of human resources and medical equipment.

The doctors’ working regime was getting stressful. Bình and his colleagues had to wear protective suits for 10 hours or more and had late, often cold, meals for many days. However, none of them was discouraged.

Bình kept telling himself that patients were on the line between life and death, and they needed him more than ever. He had to support them in all aspects.

Bình (second from left) is on duty to give timely responses to COVID-19 patients.

With 11 years of experience working in pulmonary tuberculosis, Bình soon adapted to the new task and quickly mastered the use of the machines. He guided other doctors and nurses on using oxygen masks and Hi-Flow Nasal Cannula.

As a result, all doctors and nurses mastered the use of medical equipment in a short time.

Bình inspired the medical staff to overcome difficulties and complete the task.

He said he felt pressure when the number of F0 cases and the number of severe cases requiring hospital transfer continuously increased.

To minimise the risk of deaths for patients, based on the treatment regimen provided by the Ministry of Health, Bình adjusted to the situation of each group of patients to proactively detect severe developments, give early intervention, shorten the treatment process, and use the proper medicine.

Regular examination of each patient was carried out at least twice a day to detect severe cases.

The new treatment regime reduced the rate of severe cases and deaths.

Bình in his protective suit gives a medical check-up to a COVID-19 patient in the field hospital.

A 68-year-old patient in Vang Quới Tây Commune in Bình Đại District was found positive for SARS-CoV-2 and hospitalised at Field Hospital No1 on February 12.

She was distraught because of her old age but felt more confident when entering the hospital.

“Patients always received dedicated care and timely presence of doctors. The encouragement and support of the doctors during the treatment, especially Dr Bình, helped patients regain composure and follow instructions properly. This was a medicine to help patients fight and defeat COVID-19,” she said.

Bình also gained much sympathy from his colleagues.

Nurse Nguyễn Thị Mộng Tuyền said in the first days assigned to the hospital, she felt worried about the hard work and risk of infection. However, Bình ensured rest time for medical staff.

She said that none of the health staff in the treatment area contracted the virus.

Since July 2021, Field Hospital No1 has collected and treated more than 1,021 COVID patients, of which 957 cases were discharged from the hospital. Eighteen deaths were reported.

Dr Dương Văn Chánh, deputy director of Bến Tre Province’s Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital, said the field hospital had 13 doctors, of which Bình was one of most well-trained and dedicated.

He has a high sense of responsibility love for his profession and is constantly improving his professional skills.

Bình was presented a Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for his achievements in preventing and controlling the pandemic in 2021. — VNS