Việt Nam welcomes establishment of new flight routes, works to facilitate foreigners' entries

October 06, 2022 - 17:56
“The routes can help to enhance people-to-people exchanges and promote mutually beneficial cooperation in economy trade tourism and other fields between Việt Nam and its partners,” the foreign ministry's spokesperson said.


Foreign tourists visit the Old Quarter of Hà Nội. — VNA/VNS Photo Thanh Tùng

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam welcomes the establishment of new flight routes and is working to make the best conditions for the entrance of foreigners into the country.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lê Thị Thu Hằng made the remarks on Thursday as she was addressing reporters’ questions during the regular press briefing in Hà Nội.

Asked on Taipei-based China Airlines’ announcement regarding a new route with five weekly flights between Taoyuan and Việt Nam’s central resort city of Đà Nẵng starting next year, Hằng said: “Việt Nam has always supported the establishment of international routes between all localities in the region and across the world.”

“The routes can help to enhance people-to-people exchanges and promote mutually beneficial cooperation in economy, trade, tourism and other fields between Việt Nam and its partners,” Hằng noted.

Regarding complaints of visa difficulties and prices for tourists, she reiterated that since March 15, 2022, the Government of Việt Nam has already decided to resume the pre-pandemic immigration policy, including the resumption of visa procedures and processes in accordance with the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence for Foreigners in 2014 and its amendments and supplements in 2019, and other guiding documents.

It should also be noted that all COVID-19 restrictions, including vaccination proof, mandatory quarantine, or tests before and after arrival have been lifted by the authorities.

“This is to create favourable conditions for tourists, experts, investors and foreigners entering Việt Nam, contributing to the economic recovery and development efforts after the pandemic,” she stressed.

As stipulated by the law, foreigners entering Việt Nam for tourism purposes need to be invited and guaranteed by an agency, organisation, or an individual, to carry out entry permit procedures at the Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security, the spokesperson noted.

Upon arrival, the foreigners can receive their visas at Vietnamese representative missions abroad.

In addition, citizens of some countries can apply for electronic visas to enter Việt Nam for tourism by visiting the official website of the Immigration Department to submit documents and fees and receive their visas by email.

“The type and duration of the visa is decided by the Immigration Department,” she noted.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has actively and proactively suggested to the Government a number of policies and measures to open the country, notably the resumption of visa waivers for citizens of 13 countries as before the pandemic,” Hằng said, adding that the ministry has also directed the Vietnamese representative missions to thoroughly understand the Prime Minister's policy on creating favourable conditions for foreigners to enter Việt Nam.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to work with relevant ministries and agencies to study and make recommendations to the Government on other options or methods to create better conditions for international tourists to enter Việt Nam so that we can best accommodate the needs of the tourists, so that tourists can support the new development demands of Việt Nam," Hằng said.

Work ethics of diplomats

The case concerning the repatriation flights for Vietnamese citizens during COVID-19 border closures in 2020-21 was also brought up at the press briefing, as two former officials at Vietnamese embassies in Japan and Malaysia were among the latest to be arrested on October 4, 2022.

Earlier this year, deputy foreign minister Tô Anh Dũng and head of the consular department Nguyễn Thị Hương Lan were detained and prosecuted in connection to the case.

The flights were frequently criticised as being too few and far between, with exorbitant prices and opaque arrangements.

Hằng said the foreign ministry has suspended the officials in question as part of the investigation.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been and is closely cooperating with relevant agencies to investigate the cases, to ensure justice is served in accordance with the law,” the spokesperson said.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ consistent stance is that all individuals must comply with the law and the regulations as stipulated by the Constitution and legal regulations and all violations must be handled in accordance with the law, no cover-ups or forbidden zones,” she said.

According to the spokesperson, the foreign ministry has directed Việt Nam’s overseas representative missions to strengthen the political and ideological education, review and complete work process, ensure they are strict, efficient, transparent, enabling administrative, consular and citizen protection procedures.

The missions are also told to strictly and fully implement the inspection processes in accordance with the regulations of the Party and the State, she noted.

“We also educate and direct subordinate department, agencies, cadres, and employees to strengthen discipline, and uphold responsibilities and public service ethics,” Hằng said.

“We also encourage our diplomats and our officials to continue to uphold the good traditions to maintain and strengthen their responsibility and work hard to overcome difficulties during the discharge of duties, and to fully exercise their role,” she added. — VNS