Achiko AG: Achiko concludes Phase 1 study of Project Gumnuts for Covid-19 testing

January 25, 2021 - 07:39
Achiko AG: Achiko concludes Phase 1 study of Project Gumnuts for Covid-19 testing

  • Completion of Phase 1 testing demonstrates 91%sensitivity and 85% specificity
  • Further optimisation studies are currently being performedand are expected to continue to improve results and match WHO standards
  • Next steps are completion of regulatory approvals andmoving the technology to market as soon as possible

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - EQS Newswire -25 January 2020 - Achiko AG (SWX:ACHI,ISIN CH0522213468) along with, announces the completion of theirPhase 1 study, for the group's patent pending, nanoparticulate DNA aptamerconjugate and diagnostic testing technology, Project Gumnuts. Following asuccessful in vitro study conducted in 2020 by the University of Rovira,Tarragona, Spain, the current series of studies in Spain and Indonesia wereconducted by ISGlobal (The Barcelona Institute for Global Health), and bothRiau University and Madani Pekanbaru City District Hospital, respectively.

The study conducted in Barcelona involved translating theRovira laboratory protocol into a clinical setting using the original prototypematerials. A sample of 82 participants collected over 3 months and across arange of scenarios was compared and cross-referenced against positive andnegative results obtained through RT-PCR. An initial manual read yielded aresult of 80% sensitivity and 63% specificity. Subsequent application ofsoftware and machine learning yielded a result of 91% sensitivity and 85%specificity.

"We are encouraged by the progress of Project Gumnutsin the field", said Dr Michael Edel of and Inventor ofProject Gumnuts. "The chemistry offers possible advantages over otherapproaches especially in the areas of consumer experience, stability and costand we're looking forward to the further development of the technology."

The ongoing studies in Pekanbaru, Indonesia are beingconducted with both the original prototype conjugate (Barcelona study) and additionallywith a new conjugate with applied improvements. To date, over 250 patient testshave been compared with results obtained through nasopharyngeal swabs with 20to 30 more being performed each week. Using prototyping materials, theIndonesian team has successfully replicated results from Spain in the field inPekanbaru: test results from 64 participants initially yielded 82% sensitivityand 63% specificity rates. After conducting further testing using improvedpre-production materials and further improvements in software and machinelearning, sensitivity and specificity could be improved and testing time wasreduced to under 15 minutes. The Company expects further gains to be made inensuing months.

"We're now moving quickly to get the technology intotest kits and into and through approvals, and we believe that given theprogress beyond the initial prototypes, we'll be able to deliver test kitswhich pass the WHO guidelines for sensitivity and specificity", saidSteven Goh, CEO of Achiko AG. "We believe that as testing moves from pointof care to point of need, the presence of the right testing technologies withthe right consumer experience, available in large quantities and at theright price point, to customers at the right time, will contribute tosuccessfully responding to and overcoming the impact of Covid-19 on society anddo good in this world. That is what we're here for."


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About Achiko AG

We harness ground-breaking science with innovative technology to createsolutions that provide a great user experience for patients, physicians andgoverning bodies alike, leading ultimately to the transformation of thehealthcare industry.

The current development of our patent pending diagnostic testing kit forCovid-19 (Project Gumnuts) provides an easy and effective way that enablespeople to obtain the information they need and require. Complemented by ourmobile check-in app (Teman Sehat), we empower users to manage their diagnosticexperiences on their own terms, safeguard their privacy, share experiences,obtain passport verification and find community.

Achiko holds exclusive commercialisation rights to the technologyunderlying Project Gumnuts from Regenacellex.SL. It may be used to detect alltypes of Covid-19, but also many other pathogens. Achiko is looking forward tothe completion of regulatory approval and getting the technology to market asquickly as possible, applying it in an array of test kits and other assayformats.

Headquartered in Zurich, we have offices in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singaporeand Seoul.


We are a regenerative medicine company working with expert clinicians andscientists in the field of stem cells and small chemicals to advance cellreplacement strategies to regenerate damaged tissues of the human body. Inresponse to the global Covid-19 pandemic, we are developing next stagetechnology in the testing and diagnosis of pathogens as simple kits for homeuse or point of care (PoC) for a range of human diseases including Covid-19.

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