There is a Leaks That Suggest Infinix Is Planning To Launch A Next Generation All Round Elite Phone Under The NOTE Series

October 09, 2020 - 09:22
There is a Leaks That Suggest Infinix Is Planning To Launch A Next Generation All Round Elite Phone Under The NOTE Series

NAIROBI, KENYA- Media OutReach - 9 October 2020 - An ultra-sleek,ultra-fast phone is next on Infinix's launch pad, according to insider talk.


The yet to be launched device is said to be the latest addition in theInfinix's NOTE Series, the brand's flagship model targeting the mid-to-high endmarket segment. The new NOTE is rumoredto be powered by an upgraded processor that makes it incredibly fast andensures that the phone provides a comprehensivestrong and smooth all-round performance.


In the current global and business climate, a successful businessmanneeds to be informed and decisive.  Tomatch, he needs to be powered by a reliable phone with equal prestige to keephim connected. The new NOTE is said tobe perfectly positioned for this. 


"Infinix's new flagship NOTE smartphone has been designed and developedwith current and future everyday challenges in mind.  Ensuring that its users can rely on it forextended periods while on the move.  Beit keeping in touch with the latest news or stock market movements or achievingthat top score in your favorite mobile game. Infinix developers have made sure all these can be served at "ultra-speed," an insider close to the company elaborated.

Looking at what's under the hood of this new NOTE, leaks have revealed ahigh-performance MediaTek chipset as well as a massive battery withsuper long endurance. This comes at theperfect time with video conferencing becoming the norm for meetings,presentations and conferences in the current global situation. The rumored chipset issaid to be able to power a smooth feeling, and uninterrupted experience could be supported by the new battery, ensuring that users don't lose out on those all importantbusiness conversations and updates.


The high-performance MediaTek chipset with MediaTek HyperEngine GameTechnology powering the new NOTE will ensure that users get a morefluent and stable phone that will provide an excellent all-roundperformance. This high-performance willalso deliver an unparallel E-sports experience, where top scores in every gamewill be a breeze, according to an insider source.


For that uninterruptedperformance while on the go, a fast charging, massive 5200mAh battery withsuper long endurance coupled with power marathon tech embedded in the devicewill keep the phone going for hours on end. While charging your phones, heat is always a concern, the new NOTE apparentlyhas dual engines technology, enabling it to reduce the heat by 8 degrees whilecharging, reveals a source close to the project.


With the camera phoneindustry completely transformed in recent years, Infinix has made sure toinclude a top of the line set of high definition cameras in the new NOTE 8,says company insiders. It is rumoredthat the 64M Ultra HD 6 Cameras slated for the phone will allow users tocapture every wonderful moment in life. And all that in unbelievable detail, with crystal clear clarity andlifelike beauty. 


Insufficient light hasalways been plaguing users when shooting videos. Infinix developers are said to have zoomed inon this issue and spend more than 180 days and nights of unremitting researchand development to address this issue, so that the NOTE 8 can deliveruncompromising results under low light conditions. Truly striving to be above the competition, asource close to the R&D efforts has shared


For those with acreative streak, the device will also have beautifying technology for video,reveal sources close to the project.


The upcoming phone is said to target users who want the better things inlife, where a fast, reliable and uninterrupted mobile experience is somethingthat is non-negotiable.


For the successful business person or entrepreneur who counts onproductivity, good security features, an intuitive interface and solid batterylife. The upcoming NOTE 8 willeffortlessly provide easy access to things like email, office-related apps, andmore, while working on the go.


For users who want that long lasting and fast gaming experience, as wellas the ability to be creative in your photo or video production, NOTE 8 seemsto have those needs covered.

With these attributes in mind, it seems like the new NOTE is not onlythe rightful successor to its reputable NOTE series, but also anelite smart phone for Infinix to tempt high-end consumers who want to upgradetheir smartphones to a whole new level.


Stay tuned for updates as more will be reveal about the NOTE 8 featuresin its upcoming launch. 


If you want tolearn more about NOTE 8, click on the link:


And Kenyanlocal TV station will broadcast the NOTE 8 launch event live on October 21.Stay tuned!