CakeRush kicks off to spread the sweetness around the Philippines

July 27, 2020 - 10:52
CakeRush kicks off to spread the sweetness around the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Media OutReach - 27 July2020 - CakeRush - an industry leader indelivering sweet treats across Malaysia, has now spread its' wings over to thePhilippines. A subsidiary of LimitlessTechnology Sdn Bhd, CakeRush's holding brand boasts a portfolio of the bestgifting resources across South East Asia -- including Flower Chimp, a flowerdelivery service operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and more.


Launched on the7th of July 2020, CakeRush Philippines intends to become the country'stop platform for customers looking for cakes of all sorts -- partnering with a widevariety of bakers, right from humble home-bakers to well renowned localfavourites to meet every sweet need in the market.


CakeRush'sarray of offerings include all sorts of decadent cakes, cookies, brownies, andunique cakes that come inside of a can; all of which come in a variety offlavours -- with plans of further extending their range of offerings.


With the use ofproprietary logistics technologies, CakeRush provides a seamless stream forboth, its customers and bakers, eliminating every hassle involved in theordering a cake -- right from its creation to reaching to its recipient.


CakeRush pridesitself in being the most efficient in the online cake delivery realm -- with notonly the best quality and range of offerings, but also in terms of service andspeed.


With africtionless channel for its bakers, and an array of choices for its consumers,CakeRush covers all bases of the cake process, including free delivery on allorders across Metro Manila -- and plans of spanning across all of thePhilippines in the near future.


Providing asuperior alternative to going out to purchase a cake, especially during thesetrying times, CakeRush is set to successfully spread the sweetness across thePhilippines.

About Limitless Technology

Founded in 2016by German entrepreneurs Maximilian Lotz and Niklas Frassa, Limitless Technologysaw its beginnings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- eventually expanding across South East Asiathrough Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

Speciallycatering to consumers in the gifting and lifestyle e-commerce segment, the groupstrives to serve the growing demand for gift delivery services across SouthEast Asia with high caliber technologies, services, and teams.

The company has consequently attracted significant venture funding from localand international investors, and is currently venturing out into new marketsand additional brands.