President & CEO of Robinsons Land Corporation Honored at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2019

December 09, 2019 - 09:30
President & CEO of Robinsons Land Corporation Honored at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2019

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Media OutReach - 9 December 2019 - Twenty outstanding Philippines' entrepreneurs and organisations were honored at the recently concluded Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2019 or APEA, led by Megawide Construction Corporation's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Edgar Saavedra and Robinsons Land Corporation's President and CEO, Mr. Frederick D. Go.


An initiative by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization for entrepreneurship in Asia, APEA is the largest regional recognition program, with over 3,000 nominations received each year, and less than one tenth of that receiving the awards in all 14 markets. With the theme of 'Promoting Inclusive Economic Development Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship', over 300 attendees were present at the by-invitation only event, comprising of industry leaders and dignitaries.


Leading the list of winners was Mr. Frederick Go, Robinsons Land Corporation's President and CEO who received the award under Entrepreneur of the Year in the Property Development Industry.

About Mr. Frederick Go

FrederickD. Go, President and Chief Executive Officer of Robinsons Land Corporation, hasalways been one to rise up to a challenge. In 1992, when he entered RobinsonsLand Corporation (RLC) with a vision to lead the company forward, Frederickbegan his entrepreneurial journey with the construction of Robinsons PlaceBacolod Mall and the redevelopment of Robinsons Place Manila. Frederick'ssuccess did not come without its fair share of trials. Today, RLC is one of thecountry's leading real estate companies with 52 malls, 21 office developments,76 residential buildings, 38 housing subdivisions, 20 hotels, and 19 mixed-usedevelopments.


At theheight of the 2007 global financial crisis, the business of office buildingspaces suffered as multinational companies put expansion programs to a halt.Whereas others slowed down to manage resources, Frederick saw an opportunity toexpand in a different category. He took a risk with an unproven and uniquebusiness model and launched Go Hotels. Over a decade since then, Go Hotels growingportfolio proves that it was a business risk based on keen market knowledge andinsight.


In eachof his dealings, Frederick exemplifies sharp management and business sense.These qualities make him an exceptional leader in the field of real estate. "Iwouldn't be here today without going through many challenges. My upbringing andeducation trained me to be logical, process-oriented, entrepreneurial, fair,and resourceful," he said.


Keepingabreast with the demands of the digital age, he ventured into the flexibleworkspace arena with, a plug-and-play type of private workspacedesigned to enable users to bring their business wherever they want.  "I think technology is the biggest changefrom when I started to today." he mentions. He is at the forefront of digitaltransformation in the company as he champions the integration of modern toolsand ways of working.


Whenasked about his remarkable success over the years, Frederick shares that herelies on three main principles: customer obsession, execution excellence,identifying pain points and making life easier for people. "These three thingsare very important to keep an organization going. I always think that being anon-bureaucratic, flexible organization matters a lot.." Frederick is always onthe lookout against bureaucracy and is in constant communication about it withhis people. "It's our job to make life easier for both the customer and myteam," he says.


Lookingahead, Frederick is expecting RLC to grow through a variety of revenue streams,including partnerships with other real estate firms, industrial and warehouseleasing, the development of more hotels and fully integrated communities likeBridgetowne, and experimental projects in the mold of

About Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards

Launchedin 2007, the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards is the region's mostprestigious awards for outstanding entrepreneurship, continuous innovation andsustainable leadership. The Award provides a platform for companies andgovernments to recognize entrepreneurial excellence, hence spurring greaterinnovation, fair business practices and growth in entrepreneurship. As aregional award, it groups together leading entrepreneurs as a powerful voicefor entrepreneurship and serves as a by-invitation only networking powerhouse.The program has grown to encompass 14 countries and markets all over Asia. For furtherinformation, visit