Children's Cancer Foundation Embraces the Power of Art and Design in New Community Care Centre

September 13, 2019 - 06:12
Children's Cancer Foundation Embraces the Power of Art and Design in New Community Care Centre

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 16 September 2019 - The Children's Cancer FoundationLions ClubsCommunity Centre opens its doors in September, offering a vibrant new space to furtherthe Children's Cancer Foundation's mission to improve the quality of life foryoung cancer patients and their families by caring for their physical, psychologicaland social well-being. The foundation's existing Rehabilitation Centre in PakTin Estate is set to close by (end of September) due to redevelopment plans.


Redefining the standard of carecentres in Hong Kong, the new Children's Cancer Foundation Lions ClubsCommunity Centre in So Uk Estate, Kowloon, does not just focus on functionand utility, but also uses art and innovative design to complement and enhance programmes.Research has shown that incorporating visual and performing arts in healthcareenvironments is effective in reducing sickness, anxiety and stress[1],thus forming a more holistic environment for healing. In line with thesefindings, the design of the centre, of which the renovationis supported by funding from Lions Clubs International District 303 -- Hong Kong & Macao, China, embraces the power of art therapyin the design of all facilities, from staff work spaces to corridors to the pantry.Every wall is decorated with colourful artwork and murals by local artists andthe children themselves. This special, gallery-like experience has been arrangedspecifically to inspire a "can-do" attitude in patients and their families. Thecentre brings together beautiful yet simple art pieces and creative programmesto create a safe space for patients to express themselves and find comfort andmotivation to stay strong and positive throughout their treatment.


Colourful artwork and murals by local artists and the children

The new centre is designed to accommodatethe Children's Cancer Foundation's wide variety of services that cater to childrenof all ages undergoing cancer treatment or during the recovery stages. Thefacility houses a revamped classroom called the Sunshine Schoolfor academic programmes and art classes funded by the United Overseas Bank in Hong Kong,a playroom for children and their parents to forget their troubles and havesome fun, a youth corner for the young adults to relax and ocialize, afully-equipped kitchen for cooking classes, intimate interview rooms forcounsellors to hold sessions with patients and their parents, as well as a 600sf. Multifunction room that can be transformed into a dance hall, a yogastudio, a lecture theatre, or a party room.


In creating a beautiful place forrelaxation, learning and self-expression for patients and their families, the centrealso provides a conducive environment for staff to contribute to this vision.The open office layout and flexible amenities such as the smart TV and multifunctionalkitchen, which also serves as both a meeting space and learning centre, helpfoster a more creatively-driven work environment and a stronger bond amongstaff, which is then extended to visitors. Sound-proof facilities are alsoavailable to ensure that due attention is given to every patient and thatprivacy can be maintained for sensitive cases.

The multifunctionroom in the new centre can be transformed into a dance hall, a yoga studio, alecture theatre, or a party room

Furnished with bright-coloured sofas and paintings, the waiting area can be used by children and parents to relax and mingle

Tony Ho, Chairman of Children'sCancer Foundation, says, "We are delighted to be bringing a new level of care throughour brand-new centre, the Children's Cancer Foundation Lions ClubsCommunity Centre. We have been able to create a uniquespace that is focused on both the physical and mental healing of young cancerpatients, drawing on the powerful impact of art, creativity, and socialactivities on the recovery process. We hope that this space comforts, motivatesand inspires all those who visit and work here, and can help improve thequality of life of our patients and their families."


Since its establishment in 1989,Children's Cancer Foundation has been dedicated to helping doctors to improve survival rates of children with cancer through the sponsorship ofexpensive drugs, researches, diagnostics and clinical tests. The organisation works with an extensive network of doctors, nursesand healthcareprofessionals to provide professional and holisticpsychosocial servicesfor childhood cancer patients in Hong Kong Children's Hospital, majorpublic hospitals, as well as outside the hospitals. These services includefamily counselling, clinical psychology, Child Life (formerly hospital play),palliative and home care, long-term follow-up services, rehabilitation andhalf-way homes.


Children's Cancer Foundation reliessolely on donations from the community to support ongoing services andprogrammes. It established the Children's Palliative Care Foundation in 2018with the aim of extending palliativehome care services to serve more non-cancer patients with life-threatening and life-limiting diseases.


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