The Internet of people (IoP) is creating a new Internet for decentralization and censorship

July 24, 2018 - 03:42
The Internet of people (IoP) is creating a new Internet for decentralization and censorship

NEW YORK, US - Media OutReach - 24 July 2018 - Internet of People (IoP) is a digital cooperative usingblockchain and revolutionary peer-to-peer technology to help everyone connectand do business free from censorship or obstruction and without compromisingtheir digital privacy.


Themodern Internet has transformed all our lives, but rapid advancement has comewith huge costs. "Move fast and break things" has been the driving motto ofonline tech development over the past decade.


Well,now things are broken.


We'reon the brink of a data crisis. Companies harvest far more data than they need,store it insecurely, and then regularly sell and misuse it. Over-reachinggovernments force companies to hand over users' private information. Databreaches are a daily occurrence. And once your data and identity are out in thewild, there's no way to reclaim them.


Today'scentralized model runs contrary to the original idea behind the Internet. Itpretends to connect us but actually locks users away behind numerous barriers.The only way through is to pay, either with money or with data. And when thingsgo wrong, it's the users who suffer while companieskeep the profits.


Cryptowas supposed to be the answer: eliminate the greedy middlemen and restore powerto the users. But if anything the problem is worse: the lure of the ICO fundingmodel has trumped the values which crypto was built on. Now projects pay lipservice to decentralization while hiring old-world PR agencies, lawyers and"advisors" who do nothing but look good to whale investors only interested inmaking a quick profit.


But IoPis doing decentralization right: freedom, privacy and commitment todecentralization inform every part of our project, from the software we createto the way our organization is structured. We want to bring crypto to everyone,so we're building technology people actually need and providing educationalresources to help them understand crypto and its benefits. We're collaboratingwith major universities to streamline their processes and add blockchain andcrypto to the curriculum (and not just computing -- crypto will be relevant toalmost every modern discipline).


We'rejust putting the finishing touches to our alpha version of Mercury, acommunications protocol and dApps platform that punches through all the moderncorporate and government barriers to connect users in true peer-to-peerfashion. dApps on Mercury can provide all the services modern centralizedcompanies provide, but users retain complete control over their data. Companiesonly get the data they need to provide their services, private data isencrypted while public data is signed and stored across a decentralized networkmaintained by peers, and wherever possible data never even leaves your device.


Ourcryptocurrency, IOP, powers our own blockchain, which has been running stablyfor years. We currently run a slightly modified proof-of-work consensus whichuses whitelisted addresses to avoid the ASIC trap and ensure all our globalmembers get a chance to mine. This year we're presenting a brand-new consensusmechanism based on directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), byzantine fault toleranceand virtual voting to make things even more fair and efficient.


We'venever needed an ICO, so IOP is only held by people who actively support ourproject's values. We're still growing, but every step brings us closer tocreating a properly decentralized economy. People are paid in IOP, trade in IOPand Mercury dApps will be powered by IOP.


IoP isa digital cooperative, a decentralized global organizational structure designedto keep the efficient parts of corporate structure without the centralization.We have members from almost 40 countries and we're always looking for more. Whynot join us and help make the crypto dream a reality?