BIB Meta NFT star card auction launches, and the Web3 ecology of the world's first centralized exchange is opening

October 19, 2022 - 02:44
BIB Meta NFT star card auction launches, and the Web3 ecology of the world's first centralized exchange is opening
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 19 October 2022 - BIB Meta's ecological development is extremely swift. With the end of the test network activity, BIB Meta NFT star card auction will open at 14:00 (UTC+8) on October 24th. The auction target is 10 three-star S-class star cards, which are divided into three rounds.

BIMETA Star Card NFT is an NFT issued by BIMETA, the world's first exchange Web3 Ecology, in combination with 160 selected stars of the 2022 World Cup. It issues public chain BSC with the agreement type ERC721A, and the royalty is set at 7.5%. Stars are divided into four grades: S, A, B and C, which contain 10, 30, 50 and 70 players respectively. Each star will issue 150 1-star star cards. The total number of cards is 24,010 (including 10 S-class star cards for auction). The card is cast in the form of destroying BIB Token, and its platform income such as transaction royalties will be made public on the chain and given back to community users. NFT has different stars and rarity, which is both artistic and collectible.

Taking platform currency BIB as value support, leading global NFT value innovation
BIB Meta Star Card NFT is the first NFT in the world to use exchange platform tokens as value support. Users can use BIB Mint NFT to participate in various games within BIB Meta ecosystem. The combination of BIB and BIB Meta Web3 ecology gives NFT more value than itself and provides liquidity for NFT. Therefore, the BIB token can be regarded as the second-class token of the star card NFT. In addition, the innovation of BIB Meta NFT is mainly reflected in the following three points:
1. Synthetic Rising Star: Five NFT cards with the same star and rating can be synthesized into a rising star. The higher the star and rating, the higher the value.
2. Pledge NFT, mining BIB: As one of the innovative values of NFT, the higher the star level and rating, the higher the weight of pledged mining income;
3. Community nodes: The most comprehensive and important core function of BIB Meta. Users can pledge Samsung or four-star NFT star cards, and entrust a certain amount of BIB Token as the node start-up fund to create community nodes and enhance the mining weight. The top 30 BIB nodes entrusted by users and other community nodes automatically become super nodes, and super nodes are the biggest beneficiaries in the BIB Meta ecosystem.
It is worth mentioning that BIB Meta NFT, as a node voucher, can establish an innovative model of community nodes. It is a set of tools established by BIB Meta for KOL and community influencers to maintain fans and traffic. Through the platform token BIB mining, the interests of KOL and fans are closely combined through platform tokens.
The auction of ecological NFT, which will open on October 24th, is the first opportunity for users to take advantage of the BIB Meta ecology. Seizing the NFT star card auctioned means that users can get the first mover advantage in this ecology. Users can pledge NFT first, synthesize higher-star NFT, get the proceeds from pledge mining, and become a node to get dividends.
Participate in NFT auction, seize the deposit, and create community nodes in advance
In the upcoming NFT auction, the official will launch 10 3-star S-level star cards. Users who obtain NFT star card through auction can directly sell or pledge NFT to seize the advantage of the first mine.
As the income of pledge mining depends on the weight of NFT in the total pledge NFT, at the beginning of the auction, the pre-sale and public sale have not yet started, and the income of the first mine is considerable.
Meanwhile, three-star S-level NFT holders can create community nodes in advance and absorb BIB entrustment from users and other community nodes. Because it is difficult to synthesize high-star and high-rarity NFT in the early stage, the probability of auction holders becoming super nodes is relatively high.
More ecological layout
In addition to the above ecological functions, BIB Meta also designed a series of GameFi around NFT. For example, the decentralized tournament quiz in conjunction with the World Cup, the "penalty contest" game, and the team competition based on different nodes composed of NFT.
In the future, BIB Meta will derive BIB Meta Dao system, and cooperate with BIB exchange to vote for money and build community ecology; Moreover, NFT MetaFi system will be introduced to make NFT and NFT community nodes produce ecological effects in NFT lending, GameFi and other fields through BIB Token.
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