Young musician writes hits for pop stars

July 02, 2021 - 09:30

Young songwriter Hứa Kim Tuyền of HCM City, one of the most outstanding composers in the Vietnamese music industry, has written many hit songs and is known for his sweet voice.

Young songwriter Hứa Kim Tuyền performs in Eye Contact Live, a show on YouTube featuring street performances of Vietnamese singers. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY — Young songwriter Hứa Kim Tuyền of HCM City, one of the most outstanding composers in the Vietnamese music industry, has written many hit songs and is known for his sweet voice.

The 26-year-old musician became popular after competing in Bài Hát Hay Nhất (Sing My Song), a TV reality show about original songs, launched by Việt Nam Television in 2016.

Tuyền said: “I began to write songs in 2011, but my mom didn’t want me to follow a music career because she thought it was unstable. However, my passion and love for music changed her mind."

After Sing My Song, Tuyền was invited to write music for pop stars like Tóc Tiên, Văn Mai Hương and Trúc Nhân and well-known rapper Đen Vâu, all of whom earned success with his songs.

“Working with these pop stars allows me to professionally experiment and improve,” said Tuyền, who has been working as a music producer for St.319 Entertainment, one of the country’s leading entertainment companies since 2017.

He wrote and produced six songs for young singer Amee's debut album “dreAMEE” in 2019.

His songs like Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu (To Love or Not to Love), Em Bé (Baby) and Ex's Hate Me have become hits among young Vietnamese.

The album brought Amee the Best New Asian Artist Vietnam award at South Korea's MNET Asian Music Awards 2020.

On May 15, Tuyền along with Amee and rapper Grey-D released a MV Bài Ca Bầu Cử (Song of Election) to encourage young people to vote for the 15th National Assembly (NA) and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-26 tenure on May 23.

The song, part of the communication campaign “Tôi Đi Bầu Cử” (I Go to Vote) launched by VTV Digital, quickly became viral.

Tuyền’s latest composition is Giữa Đại Lộ Đông Tây (Riding through East-West Highway), sung by Uyên Linh, winner of the TV reality music show Vietnam Idol 2010.

The ballad has gentle melodies and lyrics as a girl whispers to her loved one. The music video has attracted more than 1.8 million views on YouTube since its release on May 17.

Hồng Phượng Lê, a YouTube viewer, said the song and Linh’s voice reminded her of her innocent and playful youth, when she had no worries and responsibilities.

Singing career

Although Tuyền is popular with dozens of favourite hits, he is known for his sweet voice. In July 2020, Tuyền debuted as a singer with his song Hoa Kỳ (American Dream) as a way to send best wishes to overseas Vietnamese. 

The song featuring young singer Hoàng Dũng was popular among many people in Việt Nam and abroad.

Trần Minh Thư, a resident in Đồng Nai Province, said: “Both Tuyền and Dũng’s voices are sweet. Thanks to such a meaningful song, I miss my best friend so much.”

Hoa Kỳ is a song from Tuyền’s music project called Colours consisting of compositions reflecting different facets of life and love.

The project has introduced two songs Ước Mơ Của Mẹ (Mother’s Wish) about a mother who devotes her life to her children, Nếu Một Mai Tôi Bay Lên Trời (If I Fly to Heaven One Day), which tells stories of children who suffer from congenital heart disease, featuring Văn Mai Hương and Trúc Nhân.

Tuyền said: “I also want to encourage people to live optimistically and treasure their life, and remind them of appreciating those who are always standing by them, and what they have done for them.”

On March 28, Tuyền released Sài Gòn Đau Lòng Quá (Dear Sài Gòn! It’s Hurt), a ballad about sad memories of a couple after a breakup.

The song featuring Hoàng Duyên became a viral hit among music fans, attracting more than 35.6 million views on YouTube.

Tuyền received a great welcome from music fans while performing in Xuân Hạ Thu Đông Rồi Lại Xuân (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring) broadcast on HCM City Television (HTV) from January to May.

Its videos have earned tens of millions of views on YouTube.

He is also participating in Eye Contact Live, a show featuring street performances of Vietnamese singers, which is being streamed on YouTube. — VNS