Unique art exhibition opens in HCM City

December 04, 2019 - 07:49

The first exhibition in Việt Nam to unite three disciplines, fashion, architecture and visual arts, is being held in HCM City from November 30 to December 14.


The Metamorphosis | Hình Biến art exhibition being held at LIM Tower in HCM City’s District 1 from November 30 to December 14. Photo courtesy of the organisers 

HCM CITY The first exhibition in Việt Nam to unite three disciplines -- fashion, architecture and visual arts -- has being held in HCM City. 

"Metamorphosis | Hình Biến", inspired by the concept of "originality", introduces the avant-garde creations of fashion designer Nguyễn Hoàng Tú.

His collection is placed inside a unique structure designed by architect Nguyễn Thanh Tân of D1 architects and also showcases a beautiful transformation, inspired by “cocoon” with unique lighting designed by visual artist Cao Hoàng Long.

Tú was born in 1990 and graduated from the Industrial University of HCM City in fashion design.

In 2014 he was the only Vietnamese candidate among the 12 finalists in Audi Star Creation, one of the four main events at the Asia Fashion Week - Asian Fashion Exchange - AFX.

This year he signed a deal with France’s BOON Fashion making it the media, PR and commercial representative for his brand in Europe.

Tân founded D1 in 2017 with a mission to design characterful cities. D1’s philosophy is that every project is a constant dialogue between it and the city, its inhabitants and nature.

Long, based in HCM City, combines video, audio, light, the internet, and Vietnamese culture as art materials, and focuses on exploiting the secret topic, memory and relationship between people and the universe.

The organisers, Kén at LIM Tower art space and LIM Tower, spent nearly a year preparing for the exhibition.

The exhibition, which runs until December 14, offers audiences the innovative cocoon-shaped art space, haunting lighting techniques and avant-garde fashion designs.

It has being held at LIM Tower 3, 29A Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, District 1. Admission is free.

Kén at LIM Tower is an experimental project driven by LIM with a mission to explore and promote the unique talents, products and original development of the modern Vietnamese generation.  VNS