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Church in Nha Trang a piece of architectural art

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The church is a popular place for a spot of photography among young people. — Photo

Lâm Giang

Nha Trang has so much more than beautiful beaches and more Russian restaurants than you can shake a stick at, it’s also home to stunning architecture.

One such example in the city in Khánh Hòa Province is the Christ the King Cathedral, a stone church built almost 100 years ago that is also known as Đá (Stone) church, Núi (Mountain) church, Nha Trang church, or Ngã Sáu church among locals.

The Christ the King Cathedral is the largest church in Nha Trang and sits on a hill in the city centre, meaning it can be seen from much of the city

The church has a total area of of 4.500 sq.m. — Photo

On September 3, 1928, the construction of the church began on a small mountain named Hòn Một. It was built entirely of stone in French Gothic style and featured beautiful stained glass windows by Priest Louis Vallet (1869 - 1945).  After Vallet died, he was buried at the foothills of the church.

By December, 1941, the work was completed.

There are two paths leading to the church from the centre of Nha Trang, one a 53-step stone staircase from Thái Nguyên Street and the other a stone pathway from the city square which leads to the yard behind the church.

The church was built entirely of stone in a French Gothic style. — Photo

The three bronze bells in the church’s bell tower are an original feature and are still in working order, with the tower itself surmounted by a large crucifix.

Inside the church, there are hints of Vietnamese influence, namely a pink backlight on the tabernacle and neon lights galore, including a white neon-lit halo atop St. Mary’s statue.

The chancel area is large and airy with a high and free arch, which is full of light in the early morning, giving the church a peaceful and relaxed ambience.

The interior is furnished with arched windows which are decorated with glass mosaics. — Photo

Outside, the church is decorated with statues of saints and a green campus with various kinds of flowers.

“I admire the talented workers that created this masterpiece of stone construction. It looks like a citadel and rampart as well as palace of ancient Rome,” said  Nguyễn Thế Trọng, a visitor from HCM City.

The church is also an ideal place for photographers and young couples to take wedding photos.

The glory of an old stone church. — Photo

"The space here is very quiet and relaxing. I am deeply impressed by its unique architecture. Standing in any corner of the church, I still have very beautiful photos. I came here at the end of the day with little sunshine, which is great for taking photos. My photos don’t need much editing,” said Trí Nguyễn from HCM City.

Christ the King Cathedral is an interesting destination for visitors to Nha Trang, and even better, it’s an ideal spot for some beautiful summer photos, all you need is a spiffy outfit and a photographer. — VNS

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