Tourists told not to use 20 illegal homestays in Ninh Bình

January 14, 2019 - 21:30

Ninh Bình’s Tourism Department on January 13 officially announced a list of 20 illegal homestays which violated the boundary regulations of the Tràng An Landscape Complex.

Tam Cốc Rice Fields in Hải Nham Village is among 20 illegal homestays announced by Ninh Bình authorities. — Photo
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI — Ninh Bình’s tourism authority on January 13 announced a list of 20 illegal homestays which violated the boundary regulations of the Tràng An Landscape Complex.

Tourists have been asked not to use these homestay services.

On June 11, the province’s People’s Committee publicised a comprehensive report regarding illegal construction on Cái Hạ Mountain, located in Hoa Lư District.

The report found that many families had built facilities and offered homestay services within the heritage site without permission. The acts violated Decision No 230/QĐ-TTG issued in February on plans for the Tràng An Landscape Complex.

In order to secure the safety and rights of tourists, the tourism authority asked tourists not to stay at the 20 homestays in Hoa Lư and Gia Viễn districts.

Statistics from Ninh Bình’s People’s Committee shows that there are now 215 unauthorised homsetays in the province offering over 1,200 rooms.

At the end of November, 2018, the committee directed agencies to enhance management and deal with cases that violated regulations.  

The Tràng An Landscape Complex was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in June, 2014.

The complex - a mix of cultural relics and natural landscapes - covers more than 6,000ha. Among the most visited sites in the area is the Hoa Lư Ancient Imperial Capital – chosen by various kings between 968-1009.

Other popular sites are the Tràng An, Tam Cốc and Bích Động rivers, the karst mountains, and the Hoa Lư Primitive Forest which stretches over the districts of Hoa Lư, Gia Viễn, Nho Quan, as well as Tam Hiệp Town and Ninh Bình City. — VNS

Illegal facilities

The homestays in Ninh Hải Commune, Hoa Lư District: Tam Cốc Rice Fields in Hải Nham Village; Tam Cốc Bungalow in Văn Lâm Village; Tam Cốc Horizon Bungalow (Đức Tuấn 3) in Ngồi Cave, Văn Lâm Village; Tam Cốc Nature in Văn Lâm Village;  Tam Cốc Valley Homestay in Hải Nham Village;  Tam Cốc Valley Bungalow Văn Lâm Village; Anh Tuấn Tam Cốc Old Space Bungalow in Hải Nham Village; Tam Cốc Serene Bungalow in Văn Lâm Village.

The facilities in Tràng An Village, Trường Yên Commune, Hoa Lư District: Tràng An For You Homestay; Quốc Khánh Bamboo Homestay; Tràng An River View Homestay; Tràng An Mountain House Homestay; Tràng An Eco Homestay;

The homestays in Ninh Xuân Commune, Hoa Lư District: Hàm Rồng Homestay in Khê Hạ Village; Tràng An Central Homestay in Nội Village; Green Land Homestay in Khê Thượng Village; Mountain Side Homestay in Khê Thượng Village;  Mai’s Homestay in Khê Thượng Village.

Two more homestays in Gia Sinh Commune in Gia Viễn District: Ninh Bình Mountain View Homestay and Ninh Bình Bungalow Homestay.