Women’s beauty featured at photo exhibition

July 21, 2018 - 09:00

The first-ever national-level nude photo exhibition is open here in downtown Hà Nội between July 20 and 27.

Fresh: Purity by Dương Quốc Định.
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI — The first-ever national-level nude photo exhibition is open here in downtown Hà Nội between July 20 and 27.

The event features more than 50 photos of nude women by 10 popular artists.

Celestial: Heaven-made Curves by Đỗ Thùy Mai.
The photos, which have been chosen by the culture ministry’s Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition, have been taken by photographers including Thái Phiên, Dương Quốc Định, DzungArt Nguyen, and Lê Quang Châu.
"We’re hosting this first nude photo exhibition to show that this topic is equal to other subjects," said Vi Kiến Thành at a press conference yesterday. "Through these pictures we would like to introduce a standard on nude photography, which is quite diferent to nude photos available on social networks."
"The quality of printing on big canvases enhances the images displayed," he said.
Blooming: A Summer Flower by Trần Nhân Quyền.
Photographer Đỗ Thùy Mai, the only female artist at the event, said she had faced obstacles and social prejudices to nudism.
"Society has recently changed with more and more open minds. Before I had to seek for models, but now models have asked me to take nude photos of them," she said.
Photographer Vũ Quốc Khánh, chairman of the Việt Nam Photographic Artists’ Assciation, highly appreciated the event from various angles.
Shadow play: Light’s Curves by Nguyễn Á.
"All the photos are delicately artful," he said. "Nude photos have been popular around the world for a long time already. Due to traditional Vietnamese customs, nude photos have not been publicised but photographers have been taking nude photos for a long time."
Photographer Vũ Huyến could not hide his respect for his peers.
"They have been so courageous to follow the topic and sharpen their skills to create such beautiful photos for us now, which I cannot do," he said. "Vietnamese artists are freer than ever before to create artworks. I think now beside the true, the good and the beauty, artists now also share social benefits while making artworks as well."
Temptress: A Dance by Lê Quang Châu.
The exhibition is running at Exhibition House, 29 Hàng Bài Street.
Last year, two nude photo exhibitions were organised in Hồ Chí Minh City featuring photos by artists Hạo Nhiên and Thái Phiên. — VNS