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Abstract work takes artist to the next level

Update: June, 23/2018 - 09:00
Thought piece: Viewers have to make their own minds up about Hoàng Duy Vàng’s abstract creations. — VNS Photos Hồ Hoàng
Viet Nam News

Hà Nội — Following the success of last year’s exhibition Nguyên Sinh 1 (Primary 2), artist Hoàng Duy Vàng has opened a new solo exhibition titled Nguyên Sinh 2 (Primary 2) featuring 3D creations.

At this year’s exhibition, Vàng has 28 abstract works on display at the Việt Nam Museum of Art.

Using basic materials such as oil, wood and mica, Vàng has compiled this exhibition with flare and creativity.

“I don’t want to explain anything about the ideas behind my work because it’s abstract art, and as an artist, I let my projects speak for themselves, ” said Vàng.

Art works displayed at the Nguyên Sinh 2 exhibition has drawn surprise and different views from art lovers and artists in Hà Nội.

“Art has no limits. I have my own imagination and so do you. So let’s just look at it and create your own world without relying on other people’s opinions, even mine,” Vàng said. 

Nguyên Sinh 2 has drawn surprise and different views from art lovers and artists in Hà Nội.

“After not seeing any of his work for a long time, I was shocked by his creativity.

He is totally different from any other students from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts. His creations are the perfect combination of art, architecture and sculpture.

As you can see, he has moved from mainstream 2D to a 3D format with meticulous carvings.

Each exhibit is housed inside exquisite wooden boxes with glass to create their own space. Everything is perfect,” said Nguyễn Văn Hải from the Vietnam Museum of Art, who is also a childhood frriend of Vàng.

Vàng is recognised as a creative talent by his friends, colleagues and art lovers. He has displayed dozens of solo exhibitions using all kinds of materials, including oil painting, lacquer, print, installations, statues and now abstract.

The exhibition will run until June 23 at the Việt Nam Museum of Art (66 Nguyễn Thái Học Street). — VNS.

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