Việt Nam’s got talent in the UK, too

June 03, 2018 - 22:00

The final of the biggest talent show in the United Kingdom, Britain’s Got Talent, will take place on Sunday night (UK time). And no matter what the result, two young brothers from Việt Nam will be winners.

Giang brothers won a place in the final of Britain’s Got Talent with their head balancing performance on Friday night. — Screenshot photo
Viet Nam News

By Paul Kennedy

The final of the biggest talent show in the United Kingdom, Britain’s Got Talent, will take place on Sunday night (UK time). And no matter what the result, two young brothers from Việt Nam will be winners.

Last month Giang Quốc Cơ and Giang Quốc Nghiệp stunned the audience of Britain’s Got Talent with a mind blowing balancing act in front of a live studio audience and millions of people watching at home.

Three weeks later they have won the hearts of the British public and left a lasting impression on the country and indeed the world.

Back home in HCM City the pair need no introduction. But after their amazing routines on television the brothers Giang have been flying the Vietnamese flag and making a name for themselves in the UK.

Maybe it is because of their good looks, superb skills or loveable nature, but it also seems the British press can’t get enough of them either.

Since they burst onto the talent show scene they’ve been making plenty of positive headlines in both newspapers and on television.

One newspaper even went as far as describing the act as ’the most balanced men in the history of Britain’s Got Talent’. 

Their English may not be fluent but whenever they’ve been interviewed on the show, there message comes across loud and clear. They are there to do Việt Nam proud.

Speaking exclusively to Việt Nam News after their stunning semi-final performance on Friday night, Quốc Cơ said: “I could not believe we can make it this far. We are already very satisfied with this achievement no matter what the result of the final is.”

And satisfied they should be.

The siblings were just one of thousands of acts who auditioned for the show, and by reaching the final they have already proved they are among the best 11 Britain has to offer – and they are from thousands of miles away.

Their journey to the latter stage has not been easy. Many of the acts alongside them yesterday night were singers who’s natural talents can just be belted out on stage.

The Giangs on the other hand need to be in super condition, the peak of physical fitness and must practice at every given opportunity to perfect their act.

But what makes them stand out from the rest is they are doing all of this more than 10,000 kilometres away from their homes and families.

Many, if not all of their fellow finalists probably just hopped on a train for a few hours to turn up and perform.

Not the Giangs, they had to spend 11 hours in the air to get to the show then practice in a country so different from what they are used to.

We have brought you videos on our website, of the pair at home, with their adorable children at their sides. But the brothers have had to leave them behind as they seek talent show glory.

Hitting the headlines: Some of the many newspaper stories from the UK about the Giang Brothers. — Screenshot photo

Plus, as one tabloid newspaper in the UK reported, their journey to the top could have all been over just a few days ago after Nghiệp was told the constant pressure on his neck forced by the balancing act was taking its toll.

He told The Sun newspaper: “Five days ago I went to the hospital to check my neck and I found out that it is not straight. It suffers a lot of pressure so now it’s deformed.

“The doctor advised me to stop my career, but it’s just advice. I can choose to keep doing it. The next time I fall my neck could break.”

Also just a few days ago while practising their semi-final routine, that’s exactly what happened, with Nghiệp falling on steps after his brother slipped.

So while we are all routing for the Giangs to do well, no one want to see either of them hurt.

They may not have won last night but in no way did they lose either. Instead they have won first prize for portraying the warm nature and hard work of all Vietnamese to the world.

Whatever the result, Giang brothers, you have both won the hearts of everyone you have entertained. — VNS