New TV programme for farmers produced

May 22, 2024 - 10:47
The Long An Province Radio & Television is working on a TV programme about southern farmers and their lives.
LONG AN LIFE: Traditional culture and lifestyle and tourist destinations will be introduced through the TV programme called Khoa Giáo Nông Nghiệp (The Learning Farm) on Long An Province Radio & Television. — Photo courtesy of Long An Province Radio & Television

LONG AN — Long An Province Radio & Television is working on a TV programme about southern farmers and their lives.

The show, called Khoa Giáo Nông Nghiệp (The Learning Farm), will have different segments such as the latest information and reports about farming, forums for farmers, and new-style rural areas and farmers.

It will feature building new-style rural areas and how it has helped the provinces of the Cửu Long (Mekong) River Delta region improve the lives of local farmers.

Experienced businesspeople and farm owners in the region will be invited to participate in the programme. They will talk and share their lessons and problems to help farmers improve yields and product value by using advanced farming techniques.

The show will include music and theatre performances about love, marriage and family. Traditional values kept by different generations in the rural areas of the South, and women and their difficulties in modern life, will be highlighted.

SOUTHERN STYLE: The TV programme Khoa Giáo Nông Nghiệp (The Learning Farm) on the LA34 channel offers music and theatre performances featuring southern culture and lifestyle. — Photo courtesy of Long An Province Radio & Television

“The programme Khoa Giáo Nông Nghiệp will feature southern traditional culture and lifestyles and tourist destinations in the region and Long An,” said theatre actress-singer Bích Thuỷ, who is also one of the event’s producers. “We hope our art will entertain and help local farmers improve their daily lives.”

Long An Province has been very successful in building national new-style rural areas, improving farmers’ incomes and creating the beautiful look of rural areas.

Local farmers living in districts such as Châu Thành, Cần Đước, Cần Giuộc, Đức Hòa, and the city of Tân An, are provided with quality infrastructure, irrigation, electricity, education and healthcare systems.

Long An has worked to develop eco-tourism and other activities while ensuring pandemic safety.

It has offered new policies that support local travel firms, such as rent reduction or lower value-added taxes on tourism activities.

The programme, Khoa Giáo Nông Nghiệp, will air twice a month on LA34 channel, starting in July. — VNS