Square One restaurant appoints new chef

April 12, 2024 - 14:39
Park Hyatt Saigon has recently announced the appointment of Arnaud Schuttrumpf as Square One French Kitchen’s Chef de Cuisine.
Chef Arnaud Schuttrumpf. — Photo Courtesy from Park Hyatt Saigon

HCM CITY — Park Hyatt Saigon has recently announced the appointment of Arnaud Schuttrumpf as Square One French Kitchen’s Chef de Cuisine.

With an illustrious culinary journey that spans continents and accolades, Chef Arnaud brings a wealth of experience and a unique blend of traditional French techniques and avant-garde innovation to the renowned restaurant.

Captivated by the sights, sounds, and scents of cooking from a tender age, Arnaud plunged into the professional culinary world by mastering his foundational techniques at Michelin-starred restaurants around France, which would later serve as the bedrock of his culinary repertoire.

Working alongside esteemed culinary luminaries at Mechelin-stared restaurants such as Pur’- Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, Alexandre - Michel KAYSER, Le Relais de la Poste, and Le 1741, Arnaud honed his skills and refined his palate, pushing the boundaries of his creativity while remaining grounded in the timeless traditions of French cuisine.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to explore the vast tapestry of global cuisine, Arnaud then embarked on a journey across countries and cultures.

From Italy to Spain, from the Netherlands to the Caribbean, each destination left an indelible mark on his culinary identity and expanded his culinary horizons.

Rooted in the simplicity of respecting ingredients, Arnaud's cooking philosophy revolves around letting flavours shine and curating a dining experience that brings people together, sparks joy, and creates memories that last a lifetime.

“The kitchen is a culinary laboratory where inspiration and collaboration intertwine. As Việt Nam becomes the kitchen of the world, it fuels my determination to take on a new challenge at the acclaimed Square One. I carry with me the lessons of boundless possibilities and unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship to deliver a Michelin-worthy dining experience that celebrates the magic of flavours,” said Chef Arnaud Schuttrumpf.

Renowned for its innovative dual cuisine restaurant concept, Square One seamlessly marries the elegance and finesse of French cuisine with the vibrant and authentic flavours of Vietnamese fare. With Chef Arnaud at the helm, Square One reaffirms its commitment to culinary excellence in Saigon’s gastronomy landscape. — VNS