Private theatre makes debut with drama show

September 05, 2023 - 06:39
The private Thiên Đăng Art Drama Troupe will make its debut with a drama show in HCM City in September.
VETERAN THESPIAN: Meritorious Artist Thành Lộc has 50 years working in theatre. Lộc has played a key role in the development of the city’s theatre Photo courtesy of the theatre.

HCM CITY — The private Thiên Đăng Drama Troupe will make its debut with a drama show in HCM City in late September.

The show, entitled Giáng Hương (Women in the Theatre), is directed by the theatre’s founder and Meritorious Artist Thành Lộc.

It is based on Sân Khâu Về Khuya (The Dark in the Theatre), a famous cải lương (reformed opera) play in the 1960s written by late celebrated artist Năm Châu, who was a guru of the South’s traditional theatre.

It portrays a theatre actress who devotes and sacrifices her life to her art.

The new version will include new concepts and techniques in drama to meet the tastes of young audiences today.

Director Lộc invited famous actresses Lê Khánh and Vân Trang to play lead characters.

Veteran actors Hữu Châu and Tuấn Khải are also featured.

NEW PLAY: Talented actress Vân Trang performs as lead character in 'Giáng Hương' (Women in the Theatre), a play staged by the private Thiên Đăng Drama Troupe in HCM City. Photo courtesy of the theatre.

To launch the first show for his newly established drama troupe, Lộc wrote on his facebook page: “Good artists devote their lives to theatre. Their art is like a flame and they will keep the flame burning bright and pass it on to audiences.”

Lộc has played a key role in the development of the city’s theatre, as he has produced, directed and performed in many plays since he began his career 50 years ago.

He has worked hard to produce and introduce musicals targeting children. His shows always go with images, sounds and music that provide young audiences with wonderful insights about their history, traditional culture and theatre.

Lộc was one of the two founders of IDECAF Drama Troupe, one of HCM City’s leading private theatres opened in 1997.

He was a general art director of the theatre’s long-term programme called Ngày Xửa Ngày Xưa (Once Upon a Time), which began in 2000.

The programme has offered more than 34 plays with more than 900 free performances for thousands of young children and teenagers, including disadvantaged ones who live at shelters around the city.

Thiên Đăng Drama Troupe opened in July after many months of working that Lộc and his partners spent.

The theatre has 300 seats and promises to offer experimental shows in drama and musicals. Traditional Vietnamese theatre genres of cải lương and tuồng (drama classical) are also included.

The first show of Giáng Hương is scheduled for 8pm on September 20 at 62 Trần Quang Khải Street, Distrct 1.

Tickets are available at the box office and on the theatre’s facebook page.—VNS