Ok Om Bok Festival opens in Trà Vinh

November 04, 2022 - 00:00
The Ok Om Bok Festival, also called Festival of Worshipping the Moon, opened in the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Trà Vinh this week.
MOON FESTIVAL: The Ok Om Bok Festival, also called the Moon Worship Festival, opened in the Mekong) Delta province of Trà Vinh on Wednesday. It is part of the province’s Culture, Tourism and Food Festival Week, from November 2-8. VNA/VNS Photo by Thanh Hoài.

TRÀ VINH — The Ok Om Bok Festival, also called the Moon Worship Festival, has opened in the Mekong Delta province of Trà Vinh.

The event is part of the province’s Culture, Tourism and Food Festival Week, which is being held from November 2-8.

The week features dozens of economic, cultural and sports activities to promote local culture, tourism, and economy.

It includes a series of trade fairs displaying specialties from Trà Vinh and neighbouring provinces, such as Sóc Trăng, Vĩnh Long, Bạc Liêu and Cà Mau, and seminars on investment and tourism promotion.

Food courts introduce traditional dishes, including sweet soups and cakes, and fruits from local farms.

The event’s highlight is the Moon Worship Festival, one of the most important cultural events celebrated by the Khmer ethnics.

The festival takes place under the full moon in the 10th lunar month, when it changes from the rainy season to the dry season, when harvesting occurs.

It is also a religious ritual of the Khmer to commemorate the Snake God Nagar, who once turned into a lump of wood to help the Buddha cross the river, according to legend.

The Khmer believe the moon is a god who controls the weather and crops throughout the year.

On this occasion, they provide offerings of farm products to thank the gods for favourable weather and a bountiful harvest.

The festival includes traditional music and song, and dance shows featuring hundreds of performers from leading art troupes of Trà Vinh and other provinces in the region.

Folk games, cooking and sports competitions are also featured.

KHMER CULTURE: Traditional music, dances and songs in praise of the culture and lifestyle of Trà Vinh Province are featured at the Culture, Tourism and Food Festival Week 2022. Photo courtesy of the organiser.

“We hope our event will help to preserve the traditional culture and lifestyle of the Khmer people and promote tourism in Trà Vinh,” said Lê Thanh Bình, deputy chairman of the province’s People’s Committee.

Located 130km away from HCM City, Trà Vinh has a coastline of 65km and is located downstream of the Mekong River.

The province has diversified natural tourism resources and cultures. It has many riverine islands and fruit orchards offering year-round harvests.

It is home to about 330,000 Khmer people, accounting for 31 per cent of its population, and 143 Khmer pagodas.

The province aims to attract 550,000 tourists this year, including 10,000 foreigners, up 22 per cent from last year, according to its Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.— VNS