Bí ẩn Ozon brings new look to Vietnamese manga

October 24, 2022 - 17:13
The work is by a group of authors and their partners who have nurtured their Vietnamese comic dream for 15 years.
Bí ẩn Ozon (Ozon Mystery) guides readers to a new world with interesting stories and points of view. Photo of Bình Book

HÀ NỘI — A fantasy book called Bí ẩn Ozon (Ozon Mystery) has been introduced to the public as one of the activities to promote Vietnamese manga.

The work is by a group of authors and their partners who have nurtured their Vietnamese comic dream for 15 years.

Bí ẩn Ozon is about Ozon, a happy planet with different tribes living in peace with each other. The people belong to five main tribes: the Giant, the Fishman, the Beastman, the Insect-man and the TaQua who are the most intelligent and high-tech.

Through his prophetic power, God Hada announces a terrible prediction. In outer space, there will be a huge explosion that will overturn all planets' orders.

That will cause the destruction of Planet Ozon. To avoid the dangerous situation, he takes all the tribes into the core of the planet for shelter before creating a protective seal for the entire planet.

"We create a living world under the ground. It will be an attractive tale with many beautiful stories with a range of interesting, creative and cute characters who are described with typical characteristics of modern children," said co-author Hoàng Anh Quân who is a fan-favourite football commentator.

"In that world, there are the good and the evil, even more, evil than good, and the Ozon children must grow up to fight evil," added Quân who believes the book will lure young people's attention.

The Ozon Mystery will have 42 episodes which include five chapters and 200 pages each. Each episode will be published every two months.

The first episode entitled Miền Đất Thánh (Holy Land) has been on bookshelves' since October 19.

Bí Ẩn Ozon arrives in France to reach reader and super football star Nguyễn Quang Hải. Photo of Bí Ẩn Ozon facebook

Just several days after its appearance, Bí Ẩn Ozon has received remarkable feedback from readers, mostly gamers, singers, actors and streamers around the country.

"I have been waiting for a long time since I first heard about the idea and content of Bí Ẩn Ozon. Now, when the first episode was in my hands, I found that it is really an impressive book which opens a new world to readers and myself," said commentator Quốc Anh.

"Apart from the beautiful drawings, the book brings to readers mystery animals, wizardry and enchantment plus a captivating plot. I am really interested in the book and can't wait to buy the second one. It is a should-read story for not only children but also adults," he said.

Following the manga, Quân and his partners at the TAQUA Group will introduce a board game Bí ẩn Ozon and other online games on the Roblox and Blockman Go platforms in November. VNS