Travel influencers check out Huế to promote local tourism

July 02, 2022 - 08:38
The first ever media trip titled Visit Huế has just been organised by local authorities for popular Vietnamese travel bloggers and tiktokers to advertise the destination to young people in Việt Nam and all over the world.

Lê Hương

Popular Vietnamese travel bloggers and tiktokers visited Huế to help promote the destination to young people in Việt Nam and all over the world in a campaign titled 'Visit Huế'.

Leading tourism influencers such as KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and travel bloggers including Lý Thành Cơ, Lê Hà Trúc, Lỗ Hữu Đức Anh, actor Bình An, stylist Monsimi, vlogger Hachi Hachi (Ngô Huy Hà), photographer Vũ Bảo Khánh, tiktoker Melon, Dương Vũ and Hukha (Hà Thị Thu Huyền) joined the trip to the city.

Travel vlogger Hachi Hachi (Ngô Huy Hòa) and his wife check-in at an ancient house in Bao Vinh Ancient Street. — VNS Photo Lan Oanh

Participants have checked out various local landscapes such as Bao Vinh Ancient Street, Truồi Lake, Bạch Mã Trúc Lâm Zen Monastery and Cầu Hai Lagoon while also joining in entertainment activities such as kayaking and SUP on Tam Giang Lagoon, seeing Huế citadel from a hot air balloon, playing zipline or highwire over hot stream Thanh Tân, and exploring Rú Chá Mangrove Forest. They have also experienced various local delicacies.

The media trip 'Visit Huế' is not only a part of Huế Festival 2022 but also an important PR activity to draw more visitors from inside and outside the country to Huế.

Travel blogger Lỗ Hữu Đức Anh takes a photo at Truồi Lake. — VNS Photo Lan Oanh

Nguyễn Văn Phúc, director of Thừa Thiên-Huế Province's Tourism Department, said that through travel bloggers and KOLs, the authorities hope to lure more young people to Huế to experience the many beautiful places, interesting tourism products and cultural life of locals.

“Our province has actively developed community-based tourism, and special places created for young people,” he said.

The team enjoys kayaking and SUP in Truồi Lake. — VNS Photo Lan Oanh

“We also want to lure more international audiences to Huế Festival as the bloggers and KOLs have many followers from the international community,” Phúc said.

Travel blogger Lý Thành Cơ said in one of his posts during the trip: "If someone thinks that visiting mausoleums or palaces is cliché, he/she is completely wrong. I think it is still worth spending time to visit such places. Visiting Huế, we can go back in time to feel the past glory and do something like wearing an áo dài to feel like a mandarin or concubine living inside the palaces."

Stylist Monsimi in a photo on his Instagram account checking-in at a local resort. — VNS Photo Lan Oanh

Stylist Monsimi reminds his followers of the things that cannot be missed when visiting Huế: áo dài, bamboo conical hat and visiting incense making and conical hat making villages.

Photographer Bảo Khánh hopes his journey will help update experiences Huế has to offer so that after the trip his followers will say, "Huế is so much fun”. — VNS

The team members at Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa. — VNS Photo Lan Oanh

Stylist Monsimi at Xuân Thủy incense making village. — VNS Photo Lan Oanh