First musical about the life of poet Xuân Quỳnh to be released

February 24, 2022 - 09:11
A musical called Sóng based on the life of late poet Xuân Quỳnh (1942-1988) will premier next month.
Appearing in the musical are Thu Thảo as Xuân Quỳnh and Lê Việt Anh as Đăng Dương. — Photo courtesy of the producer

HÀ NỘI — A musical called Sóng based on the life of late poet Xuân Quỳnh (1942-1988) will premier next month.

Directed by Meritorious Artist Cao Ngọc Ánh, deputy director of Youth Theatre, it promises to bring the audience new perspectives on the life of Xuân Quỳnh.

Sóng (Waves) recreates the life of Xuân Quỳnh since she was a dancer of the Music and Dance Theatre where she fell in love with musician Trọng Khoa. The two married and had a son.

Although Quỳnh was a dancer, she always aspired to become a poet, so she decided to study composition and work at a publishing house when her first poetry books were printed.

The female artist then met Đăng Dương, son of an older friend. Dương admired Quỳnh's talent and beauty as well as her vibrant personality.

Quỳnh achieved many successes in her poetic career but her marriage fell apart. Feeling lonely because she could not find harmony with her husband, Quỳnh came to the decision to break up with Khoa and remarry Đăng Dương.

Overcoming social prejudices, family objections and hardships during the subsidy period, Quỳnh's second marriage brought her happiness and laughter.

But when Dương became famous, often went on business trips and was admired by many girls, Quỳnh's heart disease also recurred and she began to wonder about her life, dreams and true love. 

The role of Đăng Dương was inspired by the late playwright Lưu Quang Vũ (1948 – 1988), the second husband of poetess Xuân Quỳnh.

Throughout the musical, the production team uses lines based on famous poems by Xuân Quỳnh such as Sóng (Waves), Nếu ngày mai em không làm thơ nữa (If I don’t write poetry tomorrow), Tự hát (Singing by myself), and Dẫu em biết chắc rằng anh trở lại (Although I know for sure that you will come back) to express the inner feelings of the character, and at the same time create a closeness to Xuân Quỳnh's poetry lovers.

The timeless love letters of the couple Xuân Quỳnh - Lưu Quang Vũ were also included in the musical by the scriptwriter, in order to better fulfil the romantic and poetic atmosphere of that time.

A representative of Youth Theatre said that the theatre aims to create Sóng with a Vietnamese-style production and plot.

Actors in rehearsals for the musical "Sóng". — Photo courtesy of the producer

The theatre also hopes to lay the foundation for professionalising the country's musicals by establishing procedures, standards, and staging a purely Vietnamese musical programme.

The play was mentored by Meritorious Artist Chí Trung, Director of the Youth Theatre. Starring in the musical are young actress Thu Thảo as Xuân Quỳnh and Lê Việt Anh as Đăng Dương. — VNS