Đắk Lắk Province farm exports boom

February 26, 2024 - 10:11
Đắk Lắk Province has shipped large volumes of agricultural produce this year to many markets around the world, a positive sign for its exports.
Workers at the Banana Brother Farm Joint Stock Company preparing bananas for export. — VNA/VNS Photo

ĐẮK LẮK — Đắk Lắk Province has shipped large volumes of agricultural produce this year to many markets around the world, a positive sign for its exports.

They were officially exported to China and to Korea.

On January 3 Nutri Soil Import – Export Joint Stock Company in Buôn Ma Thuột held an event to celebrate the first ever export of Đắk Lắk macadamia, when over 10 tonnes were shipped to Korea.

Officials from both countries inspected the consignment for food safety and hygiene, packaging and traceability. The product is expected to be sold through major supermarket chains.

Lê Thị Trang, director of Nutri Soil Import – Export Joint Stock Company, said the company tied up with farmers, researched, invested in processing equipment, and looked for markets for over eight years.

She said the first shipment to Korea was a success.

The province has suitable land and weather for growing macadamia, she added.

On January 20 the Krông Pắc District People’s Committee organised an event to celebrate the export of the first consignment of bird’s nest by the Thành Dung Bird’s Nest Import – Export Joint Stock Company to China.

The event was an important milestone for the bird's-nest farming industry in Đắk Lắk Province since China is the world’s biggest market for the product.

According to Y Djoang Niê, vice chairman of the district People’s Committee, 200 households harvest bird’s nests.

Official exports create opportunities to access large markets, and the product fetches high profits for enterprises and farmers.

On February 15 Banana Brother Farm Joint Stock Company celebrated the shipment of bananas through official export quotas to China and to Korea.

Its fresh products met the stringent quality standards in those markets and Japan.

According to Daklak September 2nd Import – Export Company Limited, on the first day after the Tết holidays ended it exported 572 tonnes of coffee and 56 tonnes of pepper.

The province targets exports of $1.6 billion this year and increasing them by 4.3 per cent a year.

One of its strengths is that many of its key agricultural products are exported through official channels, and its markets are expanding.

Huỳnh Ngọc Dương, deputy director of its Department of Industry and Trade, said, thanks to their proactive efforts in 2023, businesses got new orders right at the start of the new year.

Coffee prices are currently at a high VNĐ80,000 per kilogramme, which would help increase export value.

Đắk Lắk grows 13 out of 14 agricultural products that are officially exported to China, including highly processed items such as bird’s nest and macadamia, according to Dương.

These are positive signs for its exports. Exporters have been facing difficulties such as international conflicts and high shipping costs.

Dương said the department needed to work with enterprises to help them retain traditional customers and markets, develop new products and access new markets, thus increasing the number of exporters.

There should be conferences and seminars to acquaint enterprises with bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that they could take advantage of, he added.

The province has tied up with other provinces and cities to facilitate exports.

In 2024 its agricultural sector will continue to study the 16 free trade agreements that Việt Nam has signed to make use of them and thoroughly research markets that have demand for Vietnamese goods.

It will restructure production towards concentrated farming and focus on origin traceability, certification and branding to raise the value of products. — VNS