Nova Consumer Group to hire 2,000 employees as it seeks to make high-quality farm products

March 10, 2021 - 15:11
Nova Consumer Group has announced plans to hire around 2,000 employees this year to bring more high-quality agricultural products to the market.

Nova Consumer Group has announced plans to hire around 2,000 employees this year to bring more high-quality agricultural products to the market.

They would include experts and food bio-technicians who would join the research and development system to develop good products for consumers' health.

The company is a conglomerate and property giant Nova Group subsidiary, which possesses thousands of hectares of land in HCM City and several provinces. 

Nevertheless, it is not common knowledge that its initial forays were into veterinary medicines, vaccines, and products used in the agricultural sector.

Nova Group has recently restructured to focus on its philosophy of humans and quality of life and plans to provide the best products and services to cater to society's key needs such as accommodation, relaxation, healthcare, education, sports, entertainment, and agriculture.

For this purpose, Nova Group established Nova Consumer Group, which will bring high-quality products to consumers under a farm-to-table model.


In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, the use of drugs and chemicals in food production has risen to alarming levels, potentially severely affecting consumers' health. 

However, more and more people are becoming interested in clean, organic products grown using technology. 

Seeing this trend, many large companies have begun to research into and adopt technologies to develop a closed farm-to-table process.

Nova Consumer Group is developed based on a solid foundation with many subsidiary companies, including Anova Corporate, which has been in agriculture for over 29 years and now has 14 subsidiaries.

Rich experience and continuing research and innovation have helped Anova create a robust closed production chain with AnvaFee, a pioneer in animal feed. 

BIO Pharmachemie, Anova Farm, and AnovaPharma, members of Anova, are also giant distributors in the breeding, animal biotechnology, and fisheries sectors.

This solid foundation is expected to help Nova Consumer Group soon bring products into the market.

To implement the strategy of taking Vietnamese agriculture to a higher level in the value-added chain and at the same time penetrate the global supply chain deeper, this year, Nova Consumer Group is expanding into many new areas, including food, drinks, and nutrition.

It plans to launch products with a huge demand in Vietnam, such as milk, wine, oats, sausage, rice cake, spices, vegetables, fruits, and beverages such as tea and coffee, all of the high quality and meet international standards.

Hiring talent to produce high-quality products

High-quality human resources are among the most important factors in the company's development strategy, the "brains" to make clean, safe, and quality products.

Working in a group, people can freely research until they have the desired products.

This year Nova Consumer Group will hire around 2,000 experts, food bio-technicians, and operators of research and production systems to produce agricultural products meeting international standards.

It is looking for experienced managers and those who share its aspirations and visions and wish to make it a leader in agriculture and production and distribution of consumer goods.

Efficiency - Integrity – Professionalism is the core value ​​of the Nova Group.

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