Three Capella Hanoi Hotel restaurants honoured by Michelin

July 01, 2024 - 10:29
On the evening of June 27, Michelin awarded stars to restaurants in Việt Nam for the second time. Sun Group’s Capella Hanoi Hotel reaffirmed its status as a culinary destination with three restaurants featured in the Michelin guide once again.

Among them, Hibana by Koki retained its one Michelin star for the second consecutive year. Backstage and Izakaya by Koki continued to be proudly recognised with the Michelin Selected award (selected and recommended to try by Michelin).

Hibana by Koki at Capella Hanoi received one Michelin star

Dennis Laubenstein, General Manager of Capella Hanoi, said: "We are deeply honoured to be recognised by Michelin once again. Our unwavering dedication to culinary excellence and commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for our guests is the core of our success."

Hibana by Koki - Beyond Teppanyaki cuisine

The one Michelin-starred restaurant Hibana by Koki is located in the basement of the upscale boutique hotel Capella Hanoi, renowned as a trendy destination for discerning diners in Hà Nội.

It is the first high-end restaurant in the capital to bring the Japanese art of Teppanyaki to its guests, led by Chef Yamaguchi and Consulting Chef Yoshida Junichi - the first Michelin one-starred chef for Teppanyaki art in the world.

The rustic yet refined space of Hibana by Koki

Teppanyaki at Hibana by Koki is a sensory journey through the delicate flavours of Japan. It is meticulously prepared and served in private rooms, with a traditional sake bar and the chef's Teppanyaki table.

In a rustic yet refined space with warm light brown tones, guests at the Teppan table are guided into an "emotional home," to wait with the Japanese chef for dishes made from the finest ingredients.

Premium Yaeyama Kyori beef is carefully prepared on the Teppan table at low temperatures for nearly an hour, creating a rich umami flavour that lingers on the palate. Additionally, the sea bass from the Japanese sea and the hairy crabs from the cold waters of Hokkaido are ingredients that are rare even in famous restaurants worldwide.

However, the allure of Teppanyaki does not only come from the novelty and taste of the Japanese beef and seafood specially curated for Hibana by Koki. The value of a meal here lies in the experience of watching master culinary artisans meticulously prepare and cook the ingredients with passion and unparalleled finesse.

Chef Yamaguchi of the one Michelin-starred restaurant Hibana by Koki

Sharp knife slices glide through each dish at the 'speed of light,' cutting food into bite-sized pieces for diners. Flames flare up as the chef pours a bit of sake onto the grill, then quickly extinguishes, just enough to cook the food to perfection and release the aroma into the diners' senses.

Under the hands of the culinary artist, knives, forks and spatulas become tools, and the food on the Teppan transforms into works of art. There is no other culinary art in the world like Teppanyaki.

Backstage - Honouring Northern Vietnamese cuisine

Backstage restaurant is likened to a shining gem in the capital, honouring Northern Vietnamese cuisine in the most magnificent and luxurious space in the heart of Hà Nội.

Here, the Northern cuisine style blends tradition and modernity, using many local ingredients and distinctive spices from the northwester mountains, with cooking techniques that ensure the freshness and full flavour of each dish.

Backstage restaurant offers an experience of Northern Vietnamese cuisine

The culinary journey through northern Việt Nam is both sophisticated and novel, showcased by the restaurant’s chef, Tống Đăng Khoa. Bún chả, a traditional dish of the capital, evoke nostalgic flavour, while creative dishes, including duck breast with mulberry sauce, captivate the most discerning guests with their exquisite textures and harmonious flavours.

Backstage restaurant

One of the secrets to Backstage being recommended by Michelin is its strict selection of ingredients, prioritising local handmade products with organic farming methods to ensure the original freshness and flavour of each dish.

Furthermore, the glamorous and luxurious beauty of every corner of Backstage is the perfect catalyst for the culinary exploration of discerning diners. Designed by the 'wizard' Bill Bensley, Backstage reflects his aesthetic and unique touch.

Inside, the restaurant is designed with an open kitchen and private dining areas where chefs bring the ultimate culinary art performance under dazzling lights. Intricately arranged dishes are presented one after another on the banquet table, indulging and pampering the senses with their sweet aromas, captivating colours and unforgettable flavours.

Izakaya by Koki - A different style of Japanese cuisine

While Hibana is renowned for Teppanyaki, Izakaya is the place for Japanese food enthusiasts who enjoy the 'pub' style. In Japan, Izakayas are dining spots where people often gather with colleagues or acquaintances after work to enjoy food and drinks.

Izakaya by Koki is the choice for connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine

At Capella Hanoi, Izakaya by Koki offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The space is designed towards the experience of interaction and conversation among diners, though there are also private corners.

The Izakaya menu at Koki 'weaves' the distinctive flavours of the four seasons, including spring, summer, autumn and winter. It provides each diner with a unique and different culinary experience.

Chef Yamaguchi, with his extensive experience and expertise, has created a symphony of flavours using only the freshest ingredients sourced from Japan. His culinary creations not only impress visually but also pamper the guests' taste buds, reflecting a harmonious blend of umami (the fifth taste), kansha (deep respect for ingredients) and omotenashi (Japanese hospitality).

A notable feature of Japanese culture here is the extensive collection of nearly 60 types of sake and premium Japanese teas, carefully curated by the restaurant.

The Michelin Guide is currently regarded as the world's most prestigious culinary evaluation system, rating restaurants through its star system and other special awards. Michelin restaurants are independently assessed by anonymous inspectors based on five criteria, including food quality, cooking techniques, flavour harmony, the personality of the chef in the cuisine and consistency over time and across the menu.

The fact that Capella Hotel owns two Michelin Selected restaurants and one restaurant achieving one Michelin star is rare, as experts note that very few hotel restaurants worldwide achieve Michelin stars. This also affirms Sun Group's exceptional vision and direction when creating each hotel and resort not only as a place to stay but also as a destination with an unforgettable impression on visitors, thanks to its unique and world-class culinary style.