Unilever’s ‘Positive Beauty’ to help eliminate gender stereotypes about women

April 05, 2023 - 11:11
HÀ NỘI - Unilever organised a seminar on "Positive and Diverse Beauty" at the Vietnamese Women's Museum in Hà Nội in collaboration with the Việt Nam Women’s Union, UN Women and the Management and Sustainable Development Institute as part of efforts to erase barriers that detract from the confidence of women and young girls and to encourage their self-esteem to embrace their unique values and unlock their potential.

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The "Mirror Mirror" survey of 2,000 women aged from 16 to 40 done by the MSD Institute in March 2023 found 60 per cent not feeling confident about their appearance, status and influence on people around them.

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A seminar was held by Unilever Vietnam, the Việt Nam Women’s Union, UN Women, and the Management and Sustainable Development Institute on how to eliminate gender stereotypes related to women's beauty. - Photo courtesy of Unilever Vietnam

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The results reflect the reality that, despite the many advances in gender equality, women are still constrained by stereotypes, beauty standards and their roles.

With over one billion people worldwide using Unilever's personal care and beauty products daily, the company constantly strives to leverage its scale and influence to build and spread good messages.

At Unilever, we are globally committed to promoting gender equality to create a society of equity and inclusiveness,” Nguyễn Thị Bích Vân, chairperson of Unilever Vietnam, said.

Through our brands’ activities, social programmes and collaborations with governments, social organizations and international organizations, we aim to spread the message of ‘Positive and Diverse Beauty’ throughout the community.”

The seminar was attended by representatives of the Việt Nam Women's Union, Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, UN Women, other international and social organisations, NGOs, experts in gender equality, representatives of women, youths and  disabled people, including online participation by women, youths and social organisations from around the country.

Panellists shared their perspectives on inspiring and encouraging confidence, and thus self-esteem, in the positive and diverse beauty of women and girls. 

They discussed initiatives to eliminate gender stereotypes and agreed that the beauty of women does not come from stereotypes or imposed prejudices, but from the confidence to pursue good values through their positions and contributions.

Unilever has been in Việt Nam for nearly three decades and desires to be a part of the solution to environmental and social issues.

So Unilever and its brands have undertaken a number of activities to promote the positive and diverse beauty of women.

One typical example is Dove's "My Hair, My Choices" programme, which helps eliminate beauty stereotypes and foster confidence by representing diverse hair choices and removing hair color stereotypes. 

In the near future the Dove Women and Girls Confidence Project will promote positive beauty messages in the media, drive educational cooperation and raise public awareness of this topic.

In April Unilever will collaborate with the Việt Nam Women's Union to organise training courses for 100 disabled women to improve their capabilities, equip them with business knowledge and skills and train them in the use of digital technologies to enhance their online business efficiency.

The course will be conducted by technology and business experts, leaders and members of the Việt Nam Women's Union, Unilever, representatives of the Việt Nam Federation for Disabilities, and grassroots members of the Women's Union in Hà Nội.