The European Union (EU) announces the return of the European Union Pavilion to Vietnam at Food & Hotel Vietnam 2022

December 08, 2022 - 15:44
Food & Hotel Vietnam (FHV) takes place from December 7 to December 9 with hundreds of companies in the F&B industry and accommodation services to promote Vietnam's growing demand for quality European products.

The exhibition is at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) for three days with the participation of more than 300 domestic and international businesses including from the European Union. This is truly a valuable opportunity for visitors to taste, interact and explore the diversity of European products in Vietnam. Located at booth BJ5-01, the EU Pavilion showcases the quality, safety, authenticity and sustainability of the European products, including meat and meat products; milk and dairy products; olive oil, vegetables; confectionery, chocolate; wine, beer, etc.

Opening ceremony of the European Union pavilion

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“We believe that this exhibition is a good chance for us to showcase the variety of EU products to Vietnamese consumers. We think that Vietnamese consumers need to know better about EU products and through this kind of product, kind of exhibition, we give the service to them. Moreover, we are consistent with the quality of the product because the quality of the ingredients makes the difference. And the quality here is proved by the long history, long tradition of sustainability, how we work in a sustainable way to keep good value,” said Mr. Giorgio Aliberti, Ambassador of European Union to Vietnam at the Food & Hotel Vietnam Exhibition.

This year, the European Union Pavilion and its activities focus on organic and protected Geographical Indication (GI) products - the EU's own quality certification system that protects unique products in specific regions and traditional production methods - together with exclusive insights into how enterprises can promote demand for these products in Vietnam.

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which entered into force in August 2020, has created more business opportunities for both parties and given consumers access to a wider range of products. The EU's agricultural exports to Vietnam are worth 1.23 billion euros and have been rising. According to Giorgio Aliberti, “It is truly a great honor for Europe to be the Region of Honor at Food and Hotel Vietnam 2022. The European Union’s agricultural products, food and beverages represent authenticity, high quality, safety and sustainability. FHV 2022 offers us a fitting platform to showcase the rich potential of pairing European and Vietnamese food and create “The Perfect Match!”. 

As a part of this event, renowned Vietnamese Chef Duong Hoang joins Chef Hungazit as they each host live cooking shows illustrating how European and Vietnamese ingredients can be creatively paired together for “The Perfect Match!”.

In addition, European chef Israel Ramos showcases authentic European food during an interactive product workshop, while EU food and drink experts will take the stage during dedicated product-oriented workshops.