The South Australian Governor - Her Excellency The Honourable Frances Adamson AC had her first visit to Scotch AGS

November 17, 2022 - 10:05
On November 8, The 36th Governor of South Australia - Her Excellency The Honourable Frances Adamson AC had the first visit to the South Australian School System - Scotch AGS. The visit was one of many activities of the delegation led by the Governor of South Australia to HCM City to promote cooperation in many fields, including education.

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The South Australian Governor - Her Excellency The Honourable Frances Adamson AC took a photo with guests and Scotch AGS School Board. Source: Scotch AGS

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The visit also included the presence of Mrs. Sarah Hooper, Australian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, along with some representatives of Australian government agencies and many famous universities.

At Scotch AGS (Saigon Center Campus), the delegation toured the school’s system of facilities, classrooms and equipment. Following this, they met the School Board and listened to their speeches, as well as attended the academic presentations prepared by a Year 10 student.

Governor Frances Adamson said she was very impressed with Scotch AGS students. The young people, even though they were only in 10th grade, had the courage to send their guests some presentations on interesting research, for example on the topic of how to collect and process information that helps in qualitative and quantitative processes during the survey.

Khanh Ngan, grade 10 student, presented her topic at the event. Source: Scotch AGS

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“What I have is a sense of energy and a sense of a respectful learning place. I met a big group of year 10 students who are very impressive. The research presentation is amazing. I have seen some students doing experiments in science labs, having English lessons, studying novels by Australian authors. Scotch AGS is the learning place where students can also be themselves, feel that they belong and study hard,” said Ms. Frances Adamson.

At the end of the visit, Ms. Frances Adamson emphasised that education has been an important part of the partnership between Australia and Viet Nam over the past decade.

“We have a strategic partnership at the national level. We are both working hard not only to double the number of exports, and the values and to double investment, but also to develop education. HCM City is an important part of Viet Nam leading economic growth which is beneficial for both countries."

Her Excellency The Honourable Frances Adamson AC attended a period in the science lab at Scotch AGS. Source: Scotch AGS

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Thanks to this close connection, students in HCM City have now been able to access a range of Australian standard educational programmes without having to go abroad. From the founding mark of Scotch AGS – which is also the milestone of Scotch College Adelaide’s centennial school in HCM City, Ms. Frances Adamson expects that in the future, there will continue to be South Australian schools to deploy international standard programs in Viet Nam.

“It is possible for students from Viet Nam in HCM City to study at an Australian Grammar School - Scotch AGS. With a SACE certificate, they will be able to choose their universities whether in South Australia or other universities around the world,” said Governor Frances Adamson.

A grade 10 student gave a gift to the Governor of South Australia. Source: Scotch AGS

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With the aim to promote academic excellence and provide opportunities to young talented students to study in an international standard environment, for the 2022-2023 academic year, Scotch AGS has implemented a prestigious scholarship programme with up to 70 per cent tuition fee reduction.

For many Scotch AGS scholars, a scholarship provides a route to securing significant financial support that enables them to have access to an outstanding academic education, and all the benefits of belonging to a diverse and supportive community. Applicants to Scotch AGS scholarships are expected to have high academic achievements and English levels, such as a GPA of the previous school year of 9.0 or higher and academic IELTS 6.5+, or GPA between 8.5 and 9.0 with IELTS Academic 7.0+, etc.

Alongside scholarships, a range of attractive financial aid packages is available to apply for. Scotch AGS financial aid is a long-term academic and financial commitment, in which students are insured against increased tuition fees, enjoy financial benefits throughout their years at Scotch AGS; and access opportunities to enter international university programmes after graduation with a reasonable budget.

Learn more about Scotch AGS scholarship and financial aid programmes here.