Tan A Dai Thanh: “Three-Pillar” Strategy Makes Its Transformation

November 29, 2022 - 13:00
After the market was rebuilt and began to grow again, Tan A Dai Thanh Group adjusted its strategy for thorough reconstruction to be ready for this new chapter and deal with many challenges. The group has worked with the world’s leading strategy consultant Boston Consulting Group to set the new strategy with three pillars: Industrial Production, High-tech, and Real Estate.

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Adjustment to reconstruction orientation begins with industrial production

Since the group entered the real estate market with the acquisition of HUD Kien Giang Investment Construction Joint Stock Company, Tan A Dai Thanh has set mining and construction material production as its key sectors aside from industry and real estate. Before the management board of Tan A Dai Thanh decided that construction material production was a part of the group’s industrial production in mid-2022, the group had added the real estate industry to its operation and management systems.

As Vietnam’s leading traditional manufacturer with 29 years of experience in producing household metal wares and water equipment, Tan A Dai Thanh has rebuilt its construction material production in HUD Kien Giang to increase supply, expand targeted markets, and apply technology in operations, management, and also rebuild product brands of HUD Kien Giang, such as cement, brick, tile, construction rock, prestressed concrete, mechanical products, etc.  

HUD Kien Giang Investment Construction Joint Stock Company has five subsidiaries specialising in producing construction materials and mechanical engineering

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Tan A Dai Thanh has perfected its industrial production with a product eco-system for building a smart home. The ecosystem includes four product lines that have dominated the market for years, comprising of stainless steel tanks, plastic tanks, water heaters, and solar water heaters. Plastic pipes and paints produced by Tan A Dai Thanh are also used in most construction projects nationwide.

A combination of high-tech and solutions makes a difference

To have preeminent and quality products, Tan A Dai Thanh has researched, improved products, and applied the latest technology to production. In early 2022, Tan A Dai Thanh High-Tech Corporation was established with a vision of becoming Vietnam’s leading tech corporation. The establishment of the corporation is a milestone for Tan A Dai Thanh, proving that the group has determined to invest in the technology sector, especially the new and eco-friendly ones. The strategic mission is to focus on researching technological applications and offering comprehensive solutions to smart homes (EQHome, SmartHome) and real estate projects (real estate ecosystem, smart city solutions – Smart City, urban management services, etc.)

Currently, solutions developed by Tan A Dai Thanh High-Tech Corporation have been applied in Tan A Dai Thanh’s real estate projects. In the next stage, the corporation will extend the application of these solutions to civil and industrial works as well as other real estate projects.  

Expectations of real estate in the long term  

Guests visit the sales office of Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc project. Photo: Tan A Dai Thanh

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Although the group entered the real estate market at a challenging time, Tan A Dai Thanh has proven the potential of a professional investor with a sustainable vision as the group turned its Meyland into a prestigious real estate brand featuring unique and popular projects. Tan A Dai Thanh aims to develop metropolitan projects, for example, its Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc, which shows Tan A Dai Thanh’s long-term vision and strong potential.

The Meyland project has won four awards at PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2022 honouring the best real estate developers in Vietnam. Constantly being recognised by organisations at home and abroad further affirms the position of Tan A Dai Thanh – Meyland in the market.

Tan A Dai Thanh focuses on three product lines: urban and housing properties, resort properties, and industrial properties with many projects in Hanoi, HCMC, Phu Quoc, Nghe An, and more.

The third-generation leaders play an important role in the reconstruction of Tan A Dai Thanh in the new phase. Photo: Tan A Dai Thanh

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According to Mr. Nguyen Duy Chinh, general director of Tan A Dai Thanh Group, Tan A Dai Thanh has found the right way of reconstruction with the “three-pillar” strategy: Industrial production, high-tech, and real estate. At the same time, the initial achievements of the third-generation transformation highlighting young and talented leaders help the group have a new look that is more modern and stronger before its upcoming 30th anniversary of establishment. Tan A Dai Thanh always stays committed to the goal of sustainable development and attracts elite human resources to make the life of Vietnamese more prosperous.