December 02, 2022 - 17:00
Dien Quang and Fundacion Metropoli officially came together to establish Vietnam Smart City Consortium. This is a great step that conforms to the orientation of urban construction in Viet Nam to exchange and determine the visions and long-term strategies for Smart city development.

Currently, in Viet Nam, the concept of smart cities or smart townships does not have a standardised definition. Each smart city construction and development project has a different definition, as well as directions for organising activities, creativity and development in this field. This leads to a lack of consistency, and at the same time, the overall picture of Viet Nam's urban areas also faces many problems and inconsistencies. Vietnam Smart City Consortium was founded based on the collaboration between two founders Fundacion Metropoli and Dien Quang, along with experienced domestic and foreign partners in order to create a headquarters to focus on developing comprehensive smart cities in Viet Nam.

Dien Quang and Fundacion Metropoli signed the Establishment Of Vietnam Smart City Consortium MOU

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The Vietnam Smart City Consortium will become the General Contractor for all the processes of formation and development of a smart city, from consulting, designing to construction, piloting, quality monitoring as well as improvement after officially putting into operation. On the foundation of cooperation with international partners having technological potential, the Consortium will offer macro strategies with a sustainable vision for the design and construction of future urban projects in Viet Nam

The establishment of the Consortium will consolidate the potentiality of developing diversified projects. The residential real estate projects belonging to individual/private investors will have the chance to access better, more professional and appropriate solutions matching the modern trends around the world. The large-scale projects such as industrial parks, cities, or even smart megacities in the process of developing ideas will also be consolidated, expanded, and elevated.

Metropoli is an organisation operating in different sizes, holding the basic foundations for creating regional ecosystems to cities, urban landscapes, architecture and design. Metropoli projects also integrate two factors: smart city and digital technology. Meanwhile, Dien Quang is a company that researches and develops smart technology products, services and solutions that are widely applied in many fields, from public projects and private constructions to cities and urban areas by the national level. The establishment of the Vietnam Smart City Consortium by the cooperation of two founders, Metropoli and Dien Quang, will bring comprehensive solution packages for smart city construction in the future in Viet Nam.

Metropoli not only brings a comprehensive and multidisciplinary vision including economic, environmental and social aspects, but also focuses on building creative projects which have the "intersection" between art, technology and design. This is also one of the characteristics that Dien Quang would like to focus on because it is consistent with Dien Quang's strategic motto in production, which is comfort, safety and aesthetics. The cooperation between the two Groups will be the foundation to promote future smart city projects that are superior in both quality and art.

Speaking at the establishing ceremony, Mr. Pham Le Minh, Managing Director of IoT Division in Dien Quang, said: “The establishment of the Consortium is expected to encourage greater participation of all economic sectors, and at the same time this will promote investment cooperation and development among experienced units in the field of smart solution design. Together, we will exchange, cooperate, share strengths and experiences, and jointly build and develop smart city projects on the basis of application databases. digital transformation, accelerating the development of smart cities in Viet Nam. Besides, this new community also acts as a connection between Vietnamese and international experts, in order to bring valuable results to Viet Nam in particular and other countries in general.”

Vietnam Smart City Consortium is an important milestone, marking the stage of realising the construction of Viet Nam’s cities. Through applying automation technology, all the partners in the Consortium will together research, create the innovative and modern smart solution systems, and be for Vietnamese people. This establishment, to Dien Quang, is a great opportunity to learn and absorb the world's modern innovations and technologies to improve products’ quality and brand value.