School recycling competition collects nearly 9,500 kilos of cartons

May 28, 2024 - 19:25
A school recycling competition has collected nearly 9,500 kilos of used cartons in Bình Dương Province.


The competition encourages school pupils and their families to develop the habit of carton collecting and sorting. — Photo courtesy of Tetra Pak Vietnam

HCM CITY — A school recycling competition has collected nearly 9,500 kilos of used packaging in Bình Dương Province.

Tetra Pak Vietnam jointly organised the competition from April 1 to May 15 in collaboration with the Bình Dương Provincial Youth Union and the Hà Tâm Trading, Service and Environment Company Limited.

The competition, entitled 'Gather the Packaging in Bình Dương' includes two main contests, namely 'Reviving used beverage cartons' and 'Beautiful Collection Corner' for all schools across the province.

The competition has crowned three district-level champions and 21 school-level champions based on the total volume of cartons collected during the competition. Another six prizes were awarded to the Best Voted School for their collection corners and five Green – Clean – Beautiful Corner awards have been presented to those with the highest scores from the Judges Committee.

The competition ended with 9,489 kilos of used cartons collected, equivalent to about 1.2 million carton packages, helping instil the habit of collecting and classifying used cartons among Bình Dương’s young students and their families.

“Bình Dương, where our packaging material production facility is based, has the School Recycling Program extended to schools across the province since August 2023. We organised the competition to encourage school pupils and their families to develop the habit of carton collection and sorting, thereby increasing the number of recycled cartons, contributing to environmental preservation and aiming for a circular economy,” said Thư Lương Thanh, Sustainability Manager at Tetra Pak Vietnam.

“This competition would set a foundation for us to further expand carton collecting and classifying in Bình Dương,” added Thư.

The list of champions is announced on the website and the official page of the Bình Dương Provincial Youth Council. The positive results achieved from the contest will serve as a foundation for Tetra Pak Vietnam to continue collaborating with partners to extensively implement the program in all schools across Bình Dương Province.

Previously, Tetra Pak Vietnam collaborated with partners to create used beverage carton recycling programmes in more than 2,000 schools in Hà Nội and HCM City, with much success. Expanding the programme to Bình Dương, where Tetra Pak's production facility is located, not only serves as a meaningful activity to commemorate Tetra Pak's 30th anniversary in Việt Nam but also contributes to the company's focus on driving circular solutions. — VNS