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Foreigners keep eye on China’s diplomatic policy, GDP performance

Update: March, 05/2019 - 10:28
Viet Nam News

An online survey by Beijing-based China Daily newspaper and 25 global media outlets found that China’s foreign policy was the top concern among global internet users.

The survey serves as a barometer of how people worldwide view the two sessions. It asked them to choose the China-related topics they are interested in ahead of the roughly two-week-long event.

The National People’s Congress, the country’s top legislature, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the top political advisory body, convene every March for meetings in Beijing.

This year’s annual session of the CPPCC National Committee opened on Sunday. The annual NPC session opens on Tuesday.

The 25 participating overseas media organisations, including London’s Daily Telegraph and Spain’s Agencia EFE, published the questionnaire online to collect responses from their readers.

In the survey, 18.9 percent of the respondents said foreign policy and foreign affairs were the most-anticipated topic, followed by China’s GDP growth (13.6 percent), environmental protection (13.3 percent) and the job market (12 percent). A total of 5,206 people had submitted answers as of Saturday.

Apart from the online questionnaire, global media organizations also submitted written statements, which indicated that ordinary people and the media industry have some topics of interest in common.

Trịnh Thanh Thủy, editor-in-chief of Việt Nam News, said China’s foreign policy — the top choice of respondents globally — is also “of great interest” for the English-language daily.

Henok Seyoum from the Ethiopian Press Agency said, “China is vigorously projecting soft power and presenting a peaceful image abroad by promoting cultural, educational, sports, tourism and other exchanges.”

The global media community is also closely watching China’s GDP growth and job market.

Mongolia’s Montsame News Agency acknowledged China’s importance in trade as China is responsible for most of the total foreign investment and export volume of Mongolia.

Denys Ivanesko, director of the Ukrainian News Agency, wrote that information on China’s job market is in demand. Ukraine’s well-educated specialists, facing limited job prospects at home in the shadow of an economic crisis, are looking for opportunities abroad, including in China, Ivanesko said.

Environmental protection is another big interest for foreign media. The Athens-Macedonian News Agency in Greece said that “the size of China’s economy means that its decisions will have a global impact in terms of carbon emissions and other pollutants”. China is also expected to “act as a world leader in global initiatives for change”, it said.

A collaborative video project invited foreign reporters to ask questions. China Daily reporters in Beijing will convey those questions to lawmakers, political advisers and experts in a video interview series, which will be available for viewing on the China Daily website and app. — China Daily/ANN


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