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Trumps talks to Fox News about decision to exit Kim negotiation

Update: March, 01/2019 - 10:00
President Donald Trump talked exclusively to Fox News after the DPRK-US Summit in Hà Nội. — Screenshot of Fox News Channel
Viet Nam News

NEW YORK — US President Donald Trump sat down in Hà Nội, Việt Nam, with Fox News Channel right after he left the negotiations with Democratic People’s North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un.

No deals were signed after the meetings yesterday with the President returning to Washington late in the afternoon.

Chairman Kim remained in Việt Nam to complete a pre-arranged official visit. 

"We’re working towards something, but we didn’t sign anything today, it didn’t quite work out," President Trump told Fox.

"I would say that I wasn’t satisfied and perhaps he wasn’t satisfied. Good relationship, but I decided this wasn’t the right time to sign something so we’ll see what happens over a period of time."

Trump also explained to Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity that North Korea only wanted to denuclearise particular areas, which isn’t good enough in the eyes of the president.

“Well, they wanted to de-nuke certain areas and I wanted everything,” Trump said. “The sanctions are there and I didn’t want to give up the sanctions, unless we had a real programme. And they’re not ready for that and I understand that fully, I really do,” he said. 

“I mean, they spent a lot of time building it. But that doesn’t mean the world has to be happy. But I wanted them to denuke.”

But he did say that progress was made, with Chairman Kim promising "no nuclear testing".

"It’s a big thing, no rockets, no anything, and I believe him," President Trump said, praising Chairman Kim as a "real personality".

"He’s very smart, he’s as sharp as he can be, and he’s a real leader."
The US President then said that the two of them had two very good days of meetings, but he thought neither of them were ready to sign any deal. 
The deal that he wanted was complete denuclearisation verified and on-site inspections.
Meanwhile, speaking to the press on Thursday, North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong Ho said DPRK did not seek a complete removal of all sanctions, but only partial relief, in exchange for DPRK’s “completely and permanent dismantling all nuclear material production facilities in the Yongbyon area, including plutonium and uranium” under the supervision of experts from both countries. — VNS


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