illegal sand mining operations

Hà Nội's effort to eliminate illegal sand depots

Lê Thanh Nam, deputy director of the Hà Nội Department of Natural Resources and Environment, talks to Hà Nội Mới (New Hà Nội) newspaper about his agency's effort to eliminate illegal sand and pebble depots along river banks

Dầu Tiếng Reservoir sand mining suspended

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has asked the provinces of Tây Ninh, Bình Dương and Bình Phước to suspend sand mining operations at Dầu Tiếng Reservoir, following an order from the Government.


Mining lays waste to central region farmlands

The many mineral exploitation projects in the central region of Việt Nam, either those legally licensed or unauthorised ones, have made a tangible impact on farmlands, particularly in the central provinces of Bình Định and Quảng Nam.


Transparency lacking in mining sector: Experts

 The Vietnamese legal framework and policies regarding transparency in the mining sector is "fairly comprehensive", however, implementation of such policies leaves a lot to be desired, according to a study by the Việt Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).


Illegal sand mining continues

Illegal sand mining still takes place along Bến Hải river in the central province of Quảng Trị in spite of efforts of local authorities, causing great public concern among residents for years.


Rampant dredging threatens Đồng Nai River

Multilple issues are plaguing dredging projects on the Đồng Nai River Lax licencing, negligent supervision, lack of co-ordination between exploiters, ‘sand mining pirates’ free roaming without much hinder, leading to environmental damages and mounting local residents’ aggravation.