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Vietnamese pork on a lemongrass stick

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Vietnamese pork on a lemongrass stick



- minced pork shoulder: 200gr

- pounded lean pork: 30gr

- finely chopped pork lard and skin: 15gr

- finely chopped shallots and garlic: 10gr

- seasoning: 2gr

- oyster sauce: 5gr

- brown sugar: 5gr

- ground pepper: 2gr

- lemongrass sticks: 6

Side servings:

- fresh coin-sized vermicelli (bánh hỏi)

- dried rice crepe (bánh đa nem)

- fresh herbs including lettuce, mint, basil leaves: white and purple, coriander leaves, fish leaves, julienned cucumber, green banana and pine-apple

Dipping sauce:

- pork liver: 100gr

- grounded roasted peanuts: 20gr

- chili sauce: 20gr

- salt: 3gr

- grounded pepper: 2gr

- water: 30ml

- finely chopped shallots and garlic: 10gr

- red cashew oil: 20gr



Chef Trần Văn Cường at Vị Quảng restaurant, No. 2b Tràng Tiền Lane, Hoàn Kiếm Dist. Hà Nội




1. Mix all the ingredients together, make six even pieces and dab around the lemongrass sticks so that it won't fall out, set aside.

2. Sauce: Fast boil the pork liver. Heat the cashew oil, brown the shallot and garlic, add water, add salt and pepper to taste, then add the peanut, use a mixer to finely ground it. 

3. Roast the lemongrass sticks with the meat on charcoal to golden brown on all sides.


Set the table with the vermicelli, fresh herbs and dried crepes, dipping sauce 

When the sticks are cooked, then serve hot by rolling the meat with vegetables in crepes, then dip in the sauce!

Bon appetit!

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