Student who drowned while saving three people to be honoured

May 06, 2021 - 09:07

Exhausted after pulling three students safely from the water, a 23-year-old man drowned at a beach in Phú Vang District, Thừa Thiên - Huế Province last Friday.


The courageous act of Nguyễn Văn Nhã, a fourth-year student in Information Technology Faculty at the College of Science at the Hue University will never be forgotten. Photo

HÀ NỘI — Exhausted after pulling three students safely from the water, a 23-year-old man drowned at a beach in Phú Vang District, Thừa Thiên - Huế Province last Friday.

Nguyễn Văn Nhã was a fourth-year student at the Information Technology Faculty of the College of Science at Hue University.

The young man’s courageous act will never be forgotten, and through his heroic sacrifice, he becomes a shining example that touched the hearts of many people.

"Nha's passing has brought the lives to three people. His great sacrifice will never be forgotten in people's minds. He is a real hero,” journalist Nguyễn Thị Bich Hậu wrote on her Facebook page.

Hoàng Thi Tr, a second-year student from Huế University, one of three people rescued by Nhã, said a group of students from Hue University, including Tr and Nhã, took a swim at a beach in Phú Vang District on April 30.

“After being swept away by a powerful wave, I couldn’t shout for help, just try to lift my hands out of the water. I thought I would die and fainted.

“Only when I woke up, I found out that I am still alive and lying in the hospital,” she told Nghe An newspaper.

Tr said she was grateful to Nhã  for saving her life.

Lê Quốc Khánh, another student at the same university, who stayed on shore, said: “I saw three female students being swept away for 200-300 metres. Seeing the girls swept away by strong waves and struggling in the water, Nhã rushed to save them.”

“We helped him pulling them to shore. Then we could no longer see Nhã. We called for help.”

His body was found half an hour later.

Speaking about Nhã, Lê Văn Nghĩa, one of his classmates, said Nhã was friendly and willing to put others before himself. He often organised charity trips to help ethnic minority people in mountainous areas of Quảng Trị Province.

Associate Professor, Doctor Huỳnh Văn Chương, deputy head of Hue University said Nhã’s death was a great loss to his family, friends, relatives and Huế University.

“His kindness, humanity and compassion will never be forgotten,” he said.

Chương also said that Nhã was a good example for young people and students at Hue University to follow.

State President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc on Sunday extended his condolences to the family of Nhã.

The president asked local authorities to honour Nhã with the Bravery Order, which is given to individuals who have shown bravery to save people or property, as well as recognising him as a martyr.

He also directed the People’s Committee of Nghệ An and Thừa Thiên - Huế Provinces and Huế University to provide support for Nhã’s family.

Thừa Thiên-Huế Province’s People’s Committee has decided to award Nhã a certificate of merit for his bravery. 

Nha was born to a poor farming family. Although they struggled to make ends meet, Nha still got support from the family to study at university.

During his university years, Nha had a number of part-time jobs.

Most days, Nha had charity meals worth VND5,000 at noon and ate instant noodles at night.

Hồ Đức Luyện, chairman of Quỳnh Yên Commune in Nghệ An Province's Quỳnh Lưu District said his sacrifice was upsetting for residents because Nha was a gentle, affectionate person who was beloved by his family and friends. — VNS