Teacher helps poor students with charity drive

July 23, 2020 - 08:57

Đào is calling locals to help poor and disadvantaged students have enough books, stationery supplies and clothes for the new school year.


Lê Thị Anh Đào presents textbooks and stationery supplies to a needy student in Vĩnh Thuận District. — VNA/VNS Photo Lê Sen

KIÊN GIANG — Her students may have been on their summer holidays for nearly two weeks, but Lê Thị Anh Đào, an English teacher from Vĩnh Thuận Township Secondary School, Vĩnh Thuận District, the Mekong Delta province of Kiên Giang, is still busy.

Đào is calling locals to help poor and disadvantaged students have enough books, stationery supplies and clothes for the new school year.

She has opened a 0 Đồng (Zero Vietnamese đồng) shop that offers donated clothing, books and stationery supplies.

This is the second year Đào has run the shop to help students in Vĩnh Thuận District, Tin Tức (News) online newspaper reported.

“Last year, many poor families had to borrow money to buy school supplies for their children because the shop was open for only 10 days and too late while the new school year approached. This year, the programme was launched earlier and will last about 15 days,” said Đào.

The teacher also goes to hamlets in remote and poor communes to help students to go to school.

Her charity work is not only supported by many parents in the locality, but also many students join in.

They sort books and clothes by age and put them on the shop's shelves to help people in need to take them easily.

Trần Nguyễn Huyền Trân, one of Đào's students, said this was the second year she helped her teacher with the programme.

"Đào's work is very meaningful for those who are in difficult circumstances, so I volunteer to come here to help her and I myself donate some books and supplies," Trân said.

All donations are from individuals and charitable organisations both inside and outside the district.

Each student will receive a set of textbooks and 20 notebooks for the new school year, worth VNĐ250,000 (US$10.7).

They also pick some other items such as school bags, clothes or shoes if they need. 

For disadvantaged and multiple-children families, the expenses for the new school year are a big burden. Đào's shop has really helped them ease some difficulties.

Trịnh Thị Hải, a resident from Vĩnh Thuận Township, said she has three grandchildren. Her family has no land for farming.

All the family's expenses depend on the earnings from her son, who works as a xe ôm (motorbike taxi) driver.

"Đào's shop has many essential items for students. Some of the clothes are old, but they bring more spiritual value than material value.

"We are very grateful to her work for students so much,” said Hải.

Đào said she had intended to implement this plan for a long time.

In the school year of 2019-20, her plan was rolled out thanks to the help of friends, relatives and some former students of the school.

Đào said she understands poor people’s difficulties and is determined to help as many as possible.

"I have never received such a beautiful school bag or a new set of textbooks since I have been to school," a student told Đào.

The words of the little girl were the motivation for her to try to help more students.

In the 2019-20 school year, 300 gifts were presented to poor students.

Lê Trung Hồ, member of Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Vĩnh Thuận District Party Committee sent a letter to Đào to commend her for her charity work.

"This work has inspired and raised spirit and responsibility of the community to care for students - the locality' s future generation and for the locality's development," the letter said.

Hồ hopes the charity work will be replicated so poor students would be supported to continue their schooling and achieve their dreams. — VNS