City sets up pilot operation centres for smart health, education

February 12, 2020 - 08:56
HCM City yesterday (February 11) launched a trial model of an operation centre each for smart health and education as part of its project to turn into a smart city.


HCM City on February 11 launched a pilot model of two operation centres for smart health and education as parts of its project on developing into a smart city. — VNA/VNS.Photo Hứa Chung

HCM CITY — HCM City on Tuesday launched a trial model of an operation centre each for smart health and education as part of its project to turn into a smart city.

They use artificial intelligence for both operation and management.

The smart health operation centre will connect and gather data from relevant agencies, hospitals and other health facilities and enable analysis, forecast and surveillance of diseases, Nguyễn Tấn Bỉnh, head of the city Department of Health, said.

It would help manage hospitals and health facilities to improve their quality, he added.

The centre will link up with doctors at hospitals throughout the country besides more than 100 hospitals in 12 countries to share expertise, skills and technologies to improve the quality of Vietnamese doctors.

It will also integrate systems for patient satisfaction surveys, analysis of traditional and social media, connecting with the 115 emergency centre, and telemedicine.

It will help announce warnings and solutions to aid the public against the coronavirus epidemic.

It will instantly update and display the occupancy rates at the city’s 47 hospitals, show the addresses of people who have contracted the new coronavirus and report on the number of confirmed and suspected coronavirus cases in the country and the world.

The city has installed cameras at 48 hospitals and connected them with the centre for health department officials to monitor emergency aid rooms. More will be installed in future.

The smart education operation centre will help the Department of Education and Training monitor schools through cameras and based on AI application and will regularly update information about training and track information on social media.

It also will create an online eco-system for teaching and researching.

City Party Committee Secretary Nguyễn Thiện Nhân said that the launch of the centre was imperative for helping students review their academic knowledge and teachers to access international academic sources.

The centres will share their database with the smart urban operation centre. — VNS