Taxi driver who ripped off foreign visitor fined VNĐ4.7 million

November 06, 2019 - 16:40

An inspection team from Ba Đình District’s Department of Transport, in Hà Nội, reported on Wednesday they had fined a taxi driver VNĐ4.7 million (US$200) for ripping off a foreign tourist, said Bùi Ngọc Tân, head of the team.

The post on social media showing a foreign tourist was charged VNĐ960,000 for a 5km journey.— Photo


HÀ NỘI — An inspection team from Ba Đình District’s transport department reported on Wednesday they had fined a taxi driver VNĐ4.7 million (US$200) for ripping off a foreign tourist.

According to Bùi Ngọc Tân, head of the team, driver Đặng Quốc Hùng, 44, was accused of overcharging a British tourist when he took him from Phùng Hưng Street (Hoàn Kiếm District) to Hanoi Daewoo Hotel on Kim Mã Street (Ba Đình District).

The inspectors also impounded Hùng's vehicle for seven days and revoked his driving licence for two months.

The British visitor, John Hemery claimed he was charged VNĐ960,000 ($41) for a journey that should have cost just VNĐ96,000 ($4) on the meter.

Information about the incident was posted on social media.

One hour after the post, Hùng returned to Hanoi Daewoo Hotel to hand over the money to the British tourist.         

According to the transportation inspector, Hùng took advantage of the language barrier and the fact the foreign tourist did not know the exact banknotes to charge him VNĐ960,000.

Tân told online newspaper that Hùng, residing in Thụy Khuê Street of Tây Hồ District of Hà Nội was a driver for the Nam Việt taxi company. The company has been operating without a licence.

The vehicle was registered to Phú An Investment Import-Export Co Ltd located in Thanh Xuân District, Hà Nội. Transportation inspectors have fined this company VNĐ10 million ($430) for assigning vehicles without badges to drivers.

On September 24, a group of Japanese visitors claimed they were charged VNĐ2 million ($85) for a journey that would normally cost VNĐ200,000 in Hà Nội. The Grabcar driver was fined VNĐ1.5 million. — VNS