Printing methods need to be environmentally friendly: experts

September 21, 2019 - 08:00
Printing businesses in VIet Nam should begin using more environmentally friendly equipment, experts said during a conference in HCM City.


More environmentally friendly solutions for printing is important for the industry's sustainable development, according to a conference held in HCM City on September 19. - VNS Photo Việt Dũng

HCM CITY - Printing businesses in Việt Nam should begin using more environmentally friendly equipment, experts said at a recent conference in HCM City.
Ngô Anh Tuấn, chairman of the Printing Association of HCM City, said that the kind of printing methods being used by businesses were the primary cause of pollution. 
For the printing industry to develop sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way, businesses should invest in modern equipment and pay more attention to workers' welfare, he said.
"Satisfying requirements on environmentally friendly technologies and materials could also help companies obtain international certifications, aiding in exports and working with big companies."
Nguyễn Châu Phong, a representative of Total Print Co. Ltd, said that environmentally friendly technologies that use fewer toxic substances could reduce the volume of water and electricity needed for printing.
Phong spoke about Kodak's Sonora X process-free plates which do not use chemicals. The product helps simplify platemaking and saves maintenance costs in addition to other benefits.
Cao Xuân Vũ, of the Printing and Media Department at the HCM City University of Technology and Education, said that using UV LED in offset printing could be very environmentally friendly as it saves energy, does not produce ozone, and is safe for users.
It uses the ink that does not have toxic evaporating substances or mercury, and prevents toxic substances from forming on the printed surface when exposed to heat.
Phạm Tuấn Vũ, deputy head of the Department of Publishing, Printing and Distribution of the Ministry of Information and Communications, said the city's printing output accounted for around 65 per cent of the country's, and that the annual revenue from printing was around US$ 2 billion.
The printing industry in the city and the country has seen good growth of around 15-17 per cent this year compared to the previous year.
Vũ said the industry should decrease the amount of alcohol involved in offset printing while still keeping productivity and product quality.
The conference was held by the Department of Information and Communication and the Printing Association of HCM City on September 19. - VNS