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Devoted to blood donation

Update: June, 13/2017 - 09:00
Trịnh Lan Anh at a Youth Union event. She is one of 100 outstanding blood donors in the country in 2017 being awarded by the National Steering Committee on volunteer blood donations.
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Minh Huệ

HÀ NỘI – At the age of 23, some girls may be following ambitions of a successful career, others may be enjoying life by satisfying hobbies and entertainment. But for Trịnh Lan Anh, working as a campaigner for blood donations, has become a lifetime devotion.

The young woman from Hà Nội says her five years working as a volunteer of the “Red Journey” and donating blood to the programme has brought her much more than what she has given.

Lan Anh said the time with the “Red Journey" - a programme to advocating blood donations throughout Việt Nam, offered her precious experiences of a meaningful life.

The programme is conducted annually by the National Steering Committee for Blood Donation and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

“Aside from a contribution to manifest the development of a humane community, I have more chances to experience reality and practise living skills that help me grow up in a meaningful way that I never thought of before,” said Lan Anh.

Field trips to different areas and meetings with people suffering severe health problems who need blood donations have taught her important lessons that no training course could.

The first time she heard about “Red Journey" was her first day at university. Lan Anh said she felt moved when a fellow student, a campaigner for the programme, revealed that millions of people were joining the programme to donate blood for others millions who were in need.

“Since then I understand how important and noble the programme and its action are. I learned that with just some of my blood units, I can help save one person on the narrow ledge between life and death,” said Lan Anh.

Lan Anh wanted to donate her bood right after hearing about the programme, but she was rejected because she had not reached the age 18 threshhold.

18th birthday

It happened in October 2012 at a school event held for blood donation volunteers. Lan Anh came to register to donate blood but was informed that she was not eligible because she was 10 days short of 18. She tried to insist to the doctor, but was still rejected.

The young girl said she was upset, thinking that 10 more days seemed so long and could be full of sorrow for someone who needs her blood.

She then decided that she would start off her 18th birthday with a blood donation. "My birthday became the most meaningful day as I had gifted my blood to those who really needed it,” said Lan Anh.

When she arrived at the donation centre, she was greeted by unknown new friends who then togethered with her singing happy birthday, Lan Anh recalled.

Lan Anh decided to join the campaign to improve awareness of the blood donation programme. The work now has become her career. She is currently working as a blood donation campaigner for Hà Nội’s Cầu Giấy Dirstrict Red Cross.

She is also deputy chair of the Hà Nội Blood Donation Youth Union of the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

She is one of 100 national outstanding blood donors in the country in  2017 to be awarded by the National Steering Committee on blood donations at an event scheduled on Wednesday. - VNS




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