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The long and shorts of creative thinking

Update: April, 25/2017 - 12:09

All of us have heard of absent-minded professors.

It is said that Einstein once called directory information to find the address to his own house after he’d lost his way.

Something on these lines seemed to have happened in HCM City last week.

A large crowd of students and guests had gathered for the lecture on “Innovation Roadmap” at the Hoa Sen (Lotus) University in HCM City. It was to be delivered by Prof. Trương Nguyện Thành, deputy principal of the university.

There was an audible gasp as the distinguished professor entered the lecture hall. He was wearing a pair of shorts and T-shirts! Had the professor forgotten to change his clothes before setting out from his house? Early onset of Alzheimer’s?

The good professor soon put such fears to rest. He said his sartorial preference for the day was dictated by his desire to teach creative thinking.

While some students demurred, saying there could be other ways of doing it, others made the point that wearing what is considered appropriate does not by itself denote respect for others, and, vice versa, “inappropriate” attire does not indicate a lack of respect.

The professor clarified further: “I would like the students to remove all barriers and prejudices from their mind. Think. No one forbids you to do anything, no one says what you should do and should not do. 

You can say the elephant can fly, the fish can walk. If your thoughts say all that is possible, then you can dream of things that are out of the old reality. This is how creative thinking develops.”

The prompt to think outside the box seems to have worked, with the professor saying several students got excited and came up with unique ideas.

Last we heard, some students were hoping that some attractive female professors also get to teach the course.

Shades of creative thinking, what?

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