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Pinkeye outbreak likely in the north

Update: July, 05/2016 - 11:00
A doctor examines patient at the National Eye Institute in Hà Nội. — Photo

HÀ NỘI – The Ministry of Health’s Preventive Medicine Department has warned pink- eye (conjunctivitis) could break out in July, with the change from prolonged hot weather to rainy days.

The department reported pinkeye outbreaks in some northern cities and provinces.          

Since June, about 15-20 people a day have visited the Hà Nội Hà Đông Eye Hospital for conjunctivitis-related checkups and treatment, the hospital said.

The number of patients increased in late June, the hospital said.

The downtown area Hà Nội Eye Hospital treats roughly 50 patients per day, among which about 10 patients per day are diagnosed with pinkeye.

Doctor Hoàng Cương, deputy head of the Central Eye Hospital’s scientific management and training office, said an increase of pinkeye outbreaks occurs from July to November.

But the hospital often sees only the worst cases after unsuccessful home treatments with unknown herbal medicines, Dr Hoàng Cương said.   

“We see patients with advanced pinkeye and resulting complications, so treatment is more difficult and costly,” he said.

There is no vaccine against pinkeye and no specific drug therapy. Many patients contract pinkeye again, due to persistent dampness in the air and exposure to infected people.

Faced with the possibility of a pinkeye outbreak, the preventive medicine department is sending a warning message to the community.

The message advises people to wash with soap, using clean water, not to rub their eyes, nose and mouth, and not to share personal items. It also recommends people clean their eyes, nose, throat everyday with eye drops, nose drops, and throat rinses.       

Pinkeye patients must use clean items.

The disease is highly contagious in family, school and office environments.

Conjunctivitis - called red eye disease locally - and called pinkeye in other countries - is caused by the adenovirus.-- VNS

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