PM inspects 500kV transmission line project in Nghệ An

June 23, 2024 - 14:47
He directed the project to be completed by June 31, 2024.


Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính meets engineers and construction workers of the project. VNA/VNS Photo Dương Giang

NGHỆ AN -- Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính on Sunday inspected the section of the 500kV Circuit-3 Quảng Trạch-Quỳnh Lưu power transmission line project crossing the central province of Nghệ An.

According to a report on the progress of the 500kV power line project in Nghệ An as of June 21 by the Nghệ An Provincial People’s Committee, the project spans from Quảng Trạch in Quảng Bình Province to Quỳnh Lưu in Nghệ An Province, with a total length of approximately 82.33km. It includes 168 pole foundations corresponding to 169 pole sections in the districts of Nam Đàn, Nghi Lộc, Diễn Châu, Yên Thành, and Quỳnh Lưu.

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) also reported as of June 20, the 500kV Circuit-3 power line projects from Quảng Trạch to Phố Nối had met the planned progress.

For the 500kV Quỳnh Lưu-Thanh Hóa power line project, the land clearance had been handed over to the investor. The local authorities had handed over the entire area for pole foundations and the entire route corridor.

The projects had completed the approval of the cadastral maps, issued land acquisition notices and were continuing to determine land origins, price valuations and postings for the approval of compensation plans for some remaining pole foundations and corridors. Compensation plans had been approved for 186 out of 202 pole positions, with 16 positions remaining and for 89 out of 110 corridors requiring compensation.

The 500kV Circuit-3 Quảng Trạch-Phố Nối power transmission line project has a total length of about 519km.VNA/VNS Photo

The Prime Minister emphasised that the completion of the 500kV Circuit-3 power line would enhance electricity supply for Nghệ An, improve the integrated transport system and facilitate the province's rapid and sustainable development.

He directed the project to be completed by June 31, 2024, urging efforts to accelerate progress with a clear focus on responsibilities, timelines and deliverables, ensuring quality, environmental cleanliness and close coordination with EVN, EVNNPT and local authorities.

He also encouraged the involvement of youth, women, veterans and the support of local residents for the project.

Visiting and presenting gifts to workers at the construction site, PM Chính expressed his delight at the bustling working atmosphere there and hailed the workers and engineers as well as local residents and youngsters for their hard work and support for the project.

On Saturday, PM Chính inspected the power transmission line project's section in the central province of Thanh Hoá.

He directed that the project be completed by June 30, 2024 despite some current difficulties affecting progress.

While visiting and presenting gifts to workers at the 500kV transformer station in Thiệu Phúc Commune, Thiệu Hóa District and Cầu Lộc Commune of Hậu Lộc District, PM Chính highlighted the project's significance.

He stressed the need for high determination, decisive actions and mobilisation of resources, especially for ground clearance. He asked contractors to prioritise resources, equipment, and personnel, and encouraged workers to overcome difficulties and work continuously to complete the Nam Định-Thanh Hóa section by June 30 and the 500kV Thanh Hóa transformer station by June 28.

He also urged ministries, sectors and localities to coordinate closely to address arising problems and ensure worker safety. VNA/VNS