Man offers free ambulance service for the poor in Đồng Nai

May 21, 2024 - 10:29
Lộc's team has never accepted a single penny from the families they serve, even when offered.
Loving Heart Team's two ambulances are always ready to roll on request. — Photo

ĐỒNG NAI — Nguyễn Hữu Lộc and his team of more than 20 volunteers have been operating a completely free of charge ambulance service for the past four years, providing crucial emergency transport for the underprivileged.

Whenever a call comes in, Lộc's Loving Heart Team swiftly springs into action, rushing their two ambulances to the scene for no cost.

They have transported around 45 patients who are ill, injured or been involved in traffic accidents, and are an only lifeline for those who cannot afford ambulance fees.

One such beneficiary is Lê Văn Sáng, a lottery ticket seller who was involved in a serious road accident.

Sáng said: "If it weren't for Lộc's team taking me to the hospital, I wouldn't be here today," he says, his voice trembling with gratitude.

"The doctors said if I had stayed at home any longer, my leg would have been beyond saving due to necrosis."

The idea of ​​a free ambulance came to Lộc six years ago when he witnessed a traffic accident in which the victim broke his leg and could not be taken to the hospital by motorbike.

However, it took the rubber-tapping worker two years to set aside enough money to bring the idea to life.

Quitting his job to be available round-the-clock, Lộc has dedicated himself fully to this noble cause. On busy nights, his team has responded to as many as five or six emergency calls, with some cases over 20 kilometres away.

While a commercial ambulance ride can cost hundreds of thousands to millions đồng – a significant sum for the poor – Loving Heart Team has never accepted money from the families they serve, even when offered.

Words of their selfless deeds have spread: Sponsors have contributed funds to help the team buy the second ambulance while the number of volunteers willing to take the wheel keeps increasing.

"Whenever I received a call from Lộc saying that there was a traffic accident, the only thought in my head was how to get to the scene as quickly as possible," said Phan Thanh Tương, a volunteer driver.

Dương Quang Thái, another volunteer driver, recalled that over a month ago, while he was working, he received a call about a traffic accident.

When he arrived at the scene, he found two pregnant women who had been hit by a car. He immediately rushed them to the emergency room. Thanks to their timely arrival at the hospital, both women were safe and sound.

"I was worried for the two women until their family called me at noon to inform me that both of them had recovered their health," said Thái.

Beyond the ambulance service, Loving Heart Team has also raised more than VNĐ175 million (US$6,800) for disadvantaged families, donated two tonnes of herbal medicine to medical facilities, and recently delivered drinking water to drought-stricken areas in southern provinces.

"Lộc and the Loving Heart Team are deeply loved and respected here for their sincerely compassionate emergency services and frequent charity work," said Lâm Hoàng Thanh Hải, Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee in Bình Sơn Commune.

"We have recommended them for provincial recognition to further promote their exemplary spirit."

For his kind deeds, Lộc has been honoured as a provincial role model in following Hồ Chí Minh's ideology and morality. — VNS