Điện Biên still facing extreme forest fire risk level

April 16, 2024 - 14:56
According to the Điện Biên Hydro-Meteorological Station’s forecast, in the coming days, the province will continue to experience intense heat. The highest temperatures reach 36-38 degrees Celsius, with some places hitting above 39 degrees Celsius.
The scene of a fire in Nà Nọi 2 Village, Nà Nhan Commune, Điện Biên Phủ City in Điện Biên Province. — VNA/VNS Photo Xuân Tiến

ĐIỆN BIÊN — Despite a significant decrease in the number of fires over the past week, the risk of forest fires in Điện Biên, a northern mountainous province, remains at level five – an extremely dangerous level due to the hot and dry weather.

Hà Lương Hồng, Director of the provincial Forest Management Sub-department, disclosed this information on Tuesday.

On Monday alone, the province experienced 104 fires, two of which spread into forest zones before being extinguished. Of these, 79 were attributed to land clearing for cultivation, with ongoing investigations to determine the cause of the remaining 19 fires.

The districts with the highest number of fires include Điện Biên Đông, Mường Nhé, and Tuần Giáo.

The sub-department has directed local forest ranger units to keep a close watch on villages in the province as part of implementing Official Dispatch 1536/CĐ-UBND issued on April 5 this year by the provincial People's Committee on strengthening management on burning vegetation, managing and protecting forests in the dry season.

The number of fires caused by individuals burning and clearing vegetation has shown a noticeable decline following the issuance of the official dispatch.

To illustrate, from April 1 to 5 (before the dispatch was issued), the province recorded 1,594 fires. In contrast, from April 8 to 12 (after the dispatch was issued), only 280 fires were reported.

Hồng emphasised that the sub-department has urged all organizations and individuals to cease clearing vegetation until the end of next year, following the guidance provided by the province.

According to forecasts from the Điện Biên Hydro-Meteorological Station, the province will continue to experience intense heat in the coming days.

The highest temperatures reach 36-38 degrees Celsius, with some places hitting above 39 degrees Celsius.

The humidity is relatively low, only 35-40 per cent, and the hot period lasts 11-17 hours per day.

Heat can also cause dehydration, exhaustion and stroke to people exposed for a long time.

Hồng recommended that people be vigilant and control all fire sources to prevent forest fires during this peak period.

When detecting a fire, people must immediately notify the village chief, local forest rangers or local authorities for timely rescue solutions.

Steering committees for forest fire prevention and fighting at communes and villages arrange an all-day duty schedule to ensure they are always ready if a forest fire occurs.

When participating in firefighting, people must comply with the procedures and instructions of the specialised forces and firefighting commanders to ensure safety. — VNS